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Best Ways To Express Love To Special Someone

Updated on May 7, 2013

Love is one of the best feelings we, i.e., human beings are gifted with. If you have someone who loves you very much and stands right beside you, then you are among the luckiest people. Loving someone is a wonderful feeling and to maintain consistency, it becomes important to show your love in either verbal or nonverbal form. Some of the best ways that can help those who are not good at expressing their love yet are mentioned below.

Discover which things make the person feel most loved: Always keep trying different methods to show your love and then notice what brings the best response from your lover. The same method does not work for everybody, some might like a particular one but on the other hand, others may not. Therefore, you should observe what your lover likes and what not.

Express gratitude:

A positive statement acts as a driving force in enhancing happiness and longevity in a relationship. Never miss a chance to appreciate him or her for what he or she do. Don’t compare your special one with others or criticize as, sometimes, harsh words may cause deep emotional wounds that may be difficult to forget. Always ask for ideas and opinions on small as well as major topics. Feel proud of the accomplishments of your lover.

Give your maximum time:

It is rightly said that time is the most precious gift that we can give someone. Notice the preferred activities of the person you love and then spare some time to do those things together. Good-quality conversation plays an important role in keeping the relation fresh and alive. Play games and go hiking together or do whatever else you and your partner prefer to do together.

Hold hands or initiate touch:

Physical touch enhances feelings and makes your relation warmer. Holding hands and acts like rubbing the arms or back or patting are highly recommended to maintain closeness in any relation. Choose the best times to freely hug your lover.

Use multiple approaches to express your love: Expressing love in languages different from your primary language shows how much effort you make to keep your lover happy. Don't limit yourself to showing your love within a language; keep discovering innovative ways to demonstrate your love.

Give greeting cards or gifts:

Greeting Cards or gifts are among the best ways of expressing your love, as these are tangible and act as reminders. It doesn’t have to be expensive, even a small or temporary thing like flowers can effectively display affection and love. Handmade and Customized Cards and gifts are more effective as these reflect personalized expression of feelings.

Sharing is a significant part of love. So, just share as much as you can with your lover to make him or her always feel special.

The above-mentioned ways work well only when you are loyal to your partner and maintain utmost honesty. So you have to make the best of your efforts to keep your relation alive and successful. Most of the ways are verbal except giving gifts and greeting cards. If we talk about gifts or greeting cards, then there are several online portals such as Post My Greetings that provide reliable and customized services at reasonable charges. So, just follow these ways and send gifts from time-to-time and have a ‘forever’ relationship.


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