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Best gift ideas for babys first christmas

Updated on December 21, 2014
Hide and hug owl activity
Hide and hug owl activity
Fun and simple stacker game
Fun and simple stacker game

Time to celebrate

Christmas time can be a hectic and stressful time for newly parents who just had a newborn baby but it does not have to be it is just going to the right toy store that sells toys for kids of all ages an example would be Toys Ur us now that store is incredible because it carries appropriate toys that are fun, entertaining, and can help with their learning development in so many ways.

Fun Christmas gift toys for babies

  • Hide and hug owl activity toy

This lovable owl toy can bring smiles to your new baby girl or baby boy basically it shows a mother owl and its baby owl hugging each other now in my opinion this toy is rather special since it is full of surprises and equipped with a mirror so you can play peek-a-boo with him.

  • Pinwheel Stroll along

If you want to make your baby happy then this toy is the solution this pinwheel shaped as a flower lights up during the night with neon colorful lightnings that can cheer up your little one. Another thing that makes this toy helpful is that it can attach itself on the stroller or car seat.

  • The stacker game

This type of classic toy goes green and different because of the round bowl recyclable plates and the good part is that they are easy to move around so your baby wont have much trouble when trying to stack all of the bowl plates.

Which toy do you like the most for a babys first christmas gift?

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Boikido musical set great for musical exploring
Boikido musical set great for musical exploring

Some of the safest toys for kids

Age appropriate

Every time you buy a toy for your baby or your kid make sure that it is according to their abilities, age, skills, interests so it does not end up hurting the kid or baby if it is too advanced for such a young age.

Read toy instructions carefully

Never forget to read the instructions before buying the toy or giving it as a gift or even before letting your baby or kids play with it.

Electricity safety

Do not buy baby's and younger kids toys that require some form of electrical energy to avoid any electrical shocks or burns.

Check for small parts in order to prevent choking accidents from happening.

Some fun learning toys for babies

If you are up to teaching your baby something educational and fun at the same time then give these toys a try.

Boikidos musical blocks- this toy is fun and it gives your little one a chance to entertain themselves by creating their own musical sounds with rattles, bells, and round beads while at the same time introduce them to the world of music.

Brilliant basics cooking pots and pans- the little pots and pans are super shiny and jiggly easy to hold that your little chef wont get enough of them while playing pretend chef .

Small baby gym - it is perfect for helping your baby get a good work-out in their body muscles plus its also good for their hand and eye coordination.

10 baby toy gift ideas for this holiday season


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