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Best gift on Valentine's Day

Updated on February 13, 2013

Roses, a box of candies and a nice heart shaped balloon to show how much you are loved. Around this time of the year, this is probably one of the most known days to really show how much you love your spouse or boyfriend and girlfriend. The companies that produce all the candies and nice stuffed animals seem to make a lot of money on this day as well. These have been the kind of gifts that are usually given to each other when showing love, but one wonders if you have received something that wasn't just something that everyone else has received.

I can remember the last time I ever got anything for Valentine's day, this was probably about 14 years ago when my childhood friend probably had a crush on me even though he was young. He gave me a little teddy bear with a rose and a Hershey's bar, I was so happy back then because I had that crush on him too. This was the best gift I ever received even thought it was a long time ago. But now that I haven't had anyone for a while now, it seems that this day has become just a regular day for me. I can also remember when I used to get Valentine cards from everyone at school, that made me feel good but it didn't really matter because to some it was just a nice gesture.

Valentine's day is just one of those days that you show the love by purchasing something that will bring joy for a little bit. However, I think that the most important thing is that the best Valentines's gift is have that special someone or others would say their friends because like some would say, it is about also having good friends that you can trust and know that is there for you. I wonder sometimes why people show the love that they have only on this day when they can show it on other days as well.

If you can think back to other Valentine's days in years past, is there that one gift that you have really treasured the most no matter how long it has been since you ever got it?

Valentine's Day important for you or just another day?

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