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Best Ideas for Planning a Ben 10-Themed Birthday Party

Updated on November 24, 2008

A complete party guide, from tableware and fun menu ideas to creative party games


Looking for some fun and inexpensive Ben 10 games and activities for your little fan's birthday party? This is the place for party menu ideas and more! We've even included shopping tips for where to find great, inexpensive gifts.

Superhero Ben Tennyson is a hot property these days -- whether he's a precocious green-eyed 10-year-old (as seen in the original cartoon series) or a more mature alien-fighting 15-year-old (as in the new and revised series recently launched on Cartoon Network.

Kids can't get enough of Ben 10 and his amazing Omnitrix, a watch-like device which allows him to morph into any number of aliens with super powers. Ben 10 Heat Blast costumes sold for more than $80 online this Halloween season -- and sold out long before time to trick-or-treat. Stores just can't seem to keep enough 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch Ben 10 action figures in stock.

Expect to see an avalanche of new Ben 10 shoes, shirts, pajamas, books and more hit the shelves of your local Wal-mart and Target stores just in time for the Christmas retail season.

A visit to Wal-mart will yield long-sleeved Ben 10-themed shirts and boys' athletic shoes, although these items have not yet appeared on Target shelves. Wal-mart also sells a very large Ben 10 book featuring stickers, priced around $10.   

Need more gift ideas? You'll find some great Ben 10-themed products that make great stocking stuffers or surprise birthday gifts at TJ Maxx stores right now. There's a fun little Ben 10 board game that sells for less than $10 in the toy section. TJ Maxx also offers a stationery set with Ben 10-themed pencil pouch, folders and pencils for less than $5.

Family Dollar stores are selling a Ben 10-themed card game for around $5.

If your Ben 10 fan is one of a growing number of boys wanting a Ben 10-themed birthday party this year, The Party Fairy has some great suggestions to help you pull off an event that will excite and delight a group of little boys.

Planning your child's Ben 10 Party

We recommend that you spend most of your budget for this party on the Ben 10 tableware, decorations and themed supplies. and use creative, inexpensive party games and activities to engage the children. Many of the games suggested here cost nothing, and others require very simple and inexpensive props.

Here's a complete guide for your Ben 10 birthday party, from tableware to menu ideas to party favors.

Tableware and decorations

Ben 10 colors are simple enough: black, white and green. The Party Fairy recommends starting with a basic black plastic tablecloth because this background will make everything else on the table look fantastic and worth the money spent. Colors pop against black, so your green Ben 10-themed paper plates, cups and napkins will look great.

Many local party supply stores are not yet stocking Ben 10-themed tableware, but it's easy to find these items online. Here's a link to an online source for Ben 10-themed paper plates, cups, napkins, etc.

The Omnitrix design is easy to copy. It's basically an X on a circle. Your Ben 10 fan can help make plenty of these to use for decorating.

Add clusters of black, white and green balloons for the finishing touch.

Ben 10 Party Games and Activities

Decorations are important, but the real fun for a group of little boys is generated by what actually goes on at the party. They'll love a chance to participate in some structured play based on familiar TV characters.

Start off with a fun round or two of Alien Competition, providing boys the chance to mimic the super powers of some of their favorite aliens from the Ben 10 television series.


Need something totally free? An XLR8 and Cannon Bolt Relay is the perfect choice for you. XLR8 is an alien whose superpower is speed (and XLR8 is the Ben 10 version of the word "accelerate", as you have no doubt already figured out!) Cannon Bolt has the strange ability to turn himself into an impenetrable and unstoppable cannon ball. To see how well your little partygoers can emulate these two aliens, divide into two groups and set out a course for the relay. A wide open, grassy yard is the perfect arena.

The first runner from each group runs as XLR8, simply racing as hard as his little legs will take him to the designated turning point. At that point, he drops to the ground and must transform himself into Cannon Bolt and begin rolling head over heels back toward his cheering teammates. As soon as he returns to the starting point, the next racer on the team takes off.

The winning team is the one whose racers compete this race first.


If you don't have a big back yard -- or your child's birthday falls in the middle of a snowstorm -- take heart. The Four Arms Relay is just as much fun as the XLR8 and Cannon Bolt Relay and requires much, much less room.

The Party Fairy does recommend investing in two large, inexpensive T-shirts and a large black magic marker for this relay because costumes will add to the fun. The red alien known as Four Arms is dressed in what looks very much like a white T-shirt, with a black border at the neckline, down the center, and on the hem of each sleeve. You can easily create these borders on an inexpensive white T-shirt by using the black magic marker.

You'll need two very large, oversized T-shirts -- one for each team to wear. If you're having a very large party, with more than 12 children, you may want to consider having three T-shirts and three relay teams.

On each T-shirt, cut two additional holes just beneath the real arm holes. Children will need to pair up for this event. Both children fit into one T-shirt, with heads through the neck (cut away a portion of the neck if necessary to make this possible.) Have one child extend his arms through the real sleeves, while the second child makes use of the arm holes you've cut. Now each T-shirt has four arms.

Position the children behind a table filled with upside down paper cups, and race to see which pair can build a tower of paper cups first. Instead of making this task easier, the extra arms will get in the way, and make it twice as difficult to stack the cups. The result will be hilarious and fun for your partygoers to watch!.

Because Four Arms is a red alien, covering a table with a red plastic tablecloth and using red paper cups helps to create an appropriate color theme for this activity -- but it will also work well to use the green and black colors tying into other decorations in use at the party.

Other party game ideas - based on episodes

Here are some other game ideas for your party, based on past Ben 10 episodes.

Alien Coin Hunt: In an episode titled "Game Over" (Season 3), Ben and Gwen spend a stormy day inside playing video games. Ben transforms himself into an alien known as Upgrade to defeat Gwen -- but a lightning strike somehow transfers both of them into the game! Trapped inside the game, Ben must collect alien coins in order to use the Omnitrix. To escape, he must find the Upgrade coin.

Turn this episode into a fun party game by purchasing a bag of gold treasure coins (usually around $5 for a bag of 144) from your local party supply store or large discount store. Coins are also sold online by Oriental Trading Company, Do a search on that site for "gold coins" to see 30-some choices, or just go with our recommendation, the Shiny Gold Coins.

Next you'll need Ben 10 stickers (Wal-mart sells a huge Ben 10 sticker book) or pictures of Ben 10 aliens printed from the computer, including one of Upgrade, to turn plain gold coins into alien coins. You'll need about three dozen alien coins and one Upgrade coin. Hide all coins just as you would hide Easter eggs in your yard or home.

The object during the timed hunt is to discover as many coins as possible. Award three prizes at the end of the hunt: one to the child who collected the most coins, one to the child who collected the most alien coins, and one to the child who found the Upgrade coin.

Midnight Madness Sleepwalking: When Ben is hypnotized in a Season 3 episode titled "Midnight Madness," he begins breaking the law while sleepwalking and falls under the power of an evil hypnotist called Sublimino

Children love games that require blindfolding, and they're fascinated by the idea of hypnosis and sleepwalking, so they'll love this simple game. Play the game in an open space free or furniture or items that could cause the blindfolded child to stumble. Have all children form a large circle. Place two children in the center of the circle. Blindfold one and call him Ben. Leave the other child free to be the Runner. Tell the blindfolded player he must try to tag the Runner. The Runner is free to move around the circle, but not to leave it.

The blindfolded child will grope around, trying to tag the Runner, and tag one of the children forming the circle instead. The first child tagged becomes Sublimino and gets to control the game, directing Ben as he tries to tag the Runner. "Go left!" "Turn around!" "Behind you!"

If blindfolded Ben tags another child in the circle by mistake (and he will) the new child becomes Sublimino and gets to call out directions.

Age and Group Size Note: Although this is a fun game, it will not work so well for very large parties with 15 or more children. Part of the fun is having your turn to be inside the circle, as the blindfolded Ben and the Runner -- and if it takes too long to have a turn, children will not enjoy it so much. This game is recommended for children 7 and older.


"UNDER WRAPS": In a Season 3 episide titled "Under Wraps." an alien mummy arrives on earth to uncover a rare and dangerous energy source -- and Ben must race to find the energy source first.

For another fun and hilarious party game, try dividing into two groups and having each group race to create the first mummy. Each group chooses one child to be wrapped in toilet tissue. Hand each group two or more rolls of toilet tissue. At the word, "Go!" each group races to be the first to totally wrap the "mummy" child in toilet paper. The group which finishes first is the winner. If neither group finishes, the group which was able to get the most toilet paper on the "mummy" wins.

Prizes for Ben 10 party games

Ideas for prizes for these competitive relays and party games include green lollipops and Ben 10 stickers. Allow children to keep all coins found during the Alien Coin Hunt. Ben 10 tattoos also make great prizes.

Ben 10 party menu ideas

Your little partygoers will definitely work up an appetite with all the competition, so you'll need to provide a fun Ben 10-themed menu to satistfy them. The Party Fairy recommends starting off with a fun activity that will help guests transition from competitive games to the table.

AN EDIBLE OMNITRIX PROJECT: Give your Ben 10 fans the green light on playing with their food for this fun and edible craft project. Make use of fruit roll-ups and round oreo cookies to create an edible Omnitrix. Fruit roll-ups happen to look a lot like wristbands, and Oreos are perfect circles to place in the center of each wristband. SInce the Omnitrix is simply an X design on a circle, you can cut X shapes out of fruit roll-ups to create the decorative elements needed.

GOOP FACES OR A CUP-O -GOOP: Goop is a fun green alien with two yellow eyes and the consistency of -you guessed it - green jello! The Party Fairy recommends a small circular mold of green jello with two yellow M&Ms for eyes to create a fun Cup-o-Goop for your Ben 10 party menu.

OMNITRIX CAKE: A new edible Omnitrix image will transform any sheet cake into a Ben-10 themed cake for your child's birthday. It will work on an ice cream cake, too! It works on any plain cake surface. Keep in mind, however, that most younger children do not really like cake and you may be wasting the cost of the cake. The Party Fairy recommends cupcakes for younger children -- especially preschoolers. But here are a couple of links to cake decorations under $10 if you do decide to go the cake route:

An Omnitrix Image is available at

And here's a link to a site selling a Ben 10 Smash Down Cake Decorating Kit:

ALIEN CUPCAKES: Perfect for preschoolers! Cupcakes are ideal for little hands, so you'll have less mess at the table, and less leftover cake to throw away at the close of the party. Cupcakes generally cost much less than traditional cakes and are quite easy to make at home. The Pure Decadence site in the link above, with the Smash Down Cake Kit, also sells Ben 10 cupcake toppers featuring Ben 10 aliens.

Ideas for Ben 10 Party Favors

Children love the new Ben 10 Alien Rocks, which are simply fizzy balls which dissolve in water to reveal alien creatures within. Standard party-planning advice from The Party Fairy is to combine party activities into take-home favors whenever possible -- and Alien Rocks fit this scenario perfectly.

Provide each child with a plastic cup (labeled with his or name) at the start of the party. Open boxes of Alien Rocks and drop one fizzy ball into each child's cup according to the package directions. Check back throughout the party to allow children to see how the transformation is coming along. At the end of the party, dump the water, dry off the alien and allow children to take home the alien who appeared.

Toys R Us is now stocking a large collection of Alien Rocks.

Other fun party favors for a Ben 10-themed party include Omnitrix wristband bracelets, usually sold in packages of 4. This particular party favor is almost a prerequisite for any Ben 10 party!

The Party Fairy is a children's party and event service in Richmond, VA.







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      vivek sheel mishra 

      8 years ago

      ben 10 use our alian x in the world of maina(cham castle's world)

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      Ben 10 Toys 

      9 years ago

      Your omnitrix cake idea is great, thanks for that. My sons birthday is coming up soon and like most kids his age he's crazy about Ben 10!

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      10 years ago

      Great Ideas, I love the game suggestions and will be trying them on my son's upcoming Ben10 birthday party in 2 weeks.

      thank you

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      Keena Moffett 

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      Great suggestions, thanks


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