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Biggest Ever Bar Tabs

Updated on April 10, 2013

Money Man Sets UK Record $310,780

While his recession-crippled countrymen drank each other’s urine, stockbroker Alex Hope, 23, was chalking up what’s reputed to be Britain’s biggest ever bar tab. He spent a sobering $190,000 on a 30-litre bottle of Armand de Brignac at Liverpool’s Playground nightclub in February last year. Hope treated every girl in the bar to a vodka shot at the end of the night. But despite buying enough drink to sink the QM2, club goers said he looked stone sober and barely touched a drop. For a second there I almost had respect for him.

Hockey Champs Get Fizzy With It $156,679

After a hard season of clubbing opponents with sticks, US hockey’s 2011 Stanley Cup champs the Boston Bruins dropped a cubic shitton of cash on booze – including one bottle of Ace of Spades Midas Champagne worth $100K. One of only six in existence, the 30-litre bottle was so heavy, Boston star Shawn Thornton, partying with five team mates at the MGM Grand Mashantucket, Connecticut, needed help swigging from it. Or maybe he and his pals are just big wusses: when the final receipt was printed, Bud Light was the most popular drink ordered.

Gridiron Star In Strip-Club Controversy $375,000

Only thing better than giving your wages to bartenders? Giving it to strippers. But instead of bragging about it, NFL star Bryant McKinnie denies all. He got in a row with Charles “Pop” Young, manager of Miami’s King of Diamonds strip club, who last year filed a lawsuit claiming the Baltimore Ravens player borrowed $375,000 from him to fund Miami stripper-fests. McKinnie insists the tab is bogus, saying: “It sounds stupid to me. What strip club gives you a $375,000 tab?” Scrub that. What strip club has $375K worth of dancer dollars?

Champagne War Breaks The Bank $2.6 Million

Having two free-spending gazillionaires in the same club is like locking Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott in a cupboard – fireworks will go off. In July 2010, Malaysian money magnet Zhen Low was celebrating his 28th birthday at the Les Caves du Roy club in St Tropez, when he bumped into Winston Fisher, a cashed-up New York real estate wanker. The result was a full-on champagne war. At the end of the night, an announcement was made over the sound system that Low had emerged victorious, dropping $2.6 Million. Really though, there was only one winner, the club’s owners.

LeBron Slam-Dunks Bill $171,937

Back in May 2011, a sticky-beak punter at Las Vegas’s XS Nightclub snapped this photo of a bar tab reputed to belong to NBA sharp-shooter LeBron James. The snapper didn’t manage to get a picture of him with the receipt in his hand, but whoever it belongs to, one thing’s beyond doubt: Las Vegas clubs are scrooges, despite shelling out around 100 large on Dom Perignon, Patron and Cristal champers, the venue still stung James for Fiji water, at eight bucks a throw.

50 Cent Woos The Honeys $114,000

At the London after-party for the 2009 movie Dead Man Running, Fiddy’s presence created so much mayhem that hundreds of chicks bum-rushed the VIP are he’d hired for the night. Around 15 dodged security. But instead of booting them out, the rapper invited the honeys to mingle at his table, showering them and other guests with $114,000 of premium bubbly. Suave move? Maybe. Until you remember that it was a launch party and the rest of the booze was free. And that he left the club alone.

Jay-Z Plays The Playa $250,000

Jay-z’s got 99 problems…and money ain’t one. That’s why he spend a quarter of a mill’ – loose change between the sofa cushions in he and Beyoncé’s household – on his bar tab at the launch party for Watch The Throne, his hook-up with Kanye West. “After several rounds of regular bottles of Ace of Spades [a brand Jay-Z name checks on his tunes] Jay-Z ordered the 15-litre BOSS $100K, “tweeted Purple, promoter at Club LIV in Miami, where the shindig was held last August. Kanye couldn’t match it; though to be fair, Kim’s weekly donut bill would come pretty close.


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