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Birthday Cake Toppers - 21st Cake Toppers

Updated on March 15, 2011

21st Cake Toppers

21st cake toppers are the perfect way of making sure your 21st birthday cake does justice to the occasion.

Cake toppers can turn an otherwise ordinary cake into something sensational, or a sensational cake into something out of this world. They can be be beautiful, humorous, edible or a keepsake for the future - the important thing is that the cake toppers represents the person celebrating their birthday and looks good on the cake.

Whether you are making the birthday cake yourself or having it made choosing the right birthday cake topper is a serious (but fun) business and when asked what type of topper you want it can be hard to make up your mind - which is why we're going to have a look at some of the different types around here.

Number / Age Cake Toppers

 Normally made from crystal of some description i.e. swarovski or rhinestone, having a sparking '21' on top of your cake makes a stunning 21st birthday cake topper.

Sizes range from anything between 3 - 5" high per number and are available in a choice of styles from plain silver to fully crystal covered versions.

Photo Cake Toppers

Why not turn your cake into an edible photo frame and use photo cake toppers to decorate it.

You could anything from one main photo cake topper on top to a montage of lots of different photos all over the cake. This is a great an very cost effective way to have a unique 21st birthday cake.

Hobby Cake Toppers

 If you're going for a more novelty kind of cake it can be fun to use something that represents the birthday boy or girls interests i.e. football or shoes.

A football themed cake always looks great with some miniature players running around the pitch, or how about some great shoe candles or shoe cake toppers for the girls.


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