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Birthday Calculator Trick

Updated on March 22, 2011

Birthday Calculator

This is an awesome birthday calculator mental math trick to make you look like a math genius. They might even think you are an awesome magician. Here is how you do it:

Since your friends are not as math smart as you are. Give them a calculator. Ensure to tell them to press the equal button after every instruction.

  • Input the number seven on the calculator
  • Multiply seven by the month you were born
  • Minus one
  • Multiply by thirteen
  • Add the day you were born
  • Add three
  • Multiply by eleven
  • Subtract the month you were born
  • Subtract the day you were born
  • Divide by ten
  • Add eleven
  • Divide by a hundred

Now here is the astonishing part! The birth date of your friend will now be on the calculator screen. Your friends will be astonished by this awesome magic trick.

Math Magician
Math Magician

This magic trick works everytime and for all birthdays. You can even make your own twist to it such as not letting your friend do the last three steps and instead doing it in your head! They might even think you are psychic.


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