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Birthday Gift For Man: Make Him a Surprise

Updated on September 1, 2012

What can you give to your dearest person? The person with whom you spend so much time, who loves and adores you and who brings so many happy moments in your life.
Unlike us, women, men usually know very well what they need, so it costs you nothing just to ask them, and they will give you an immediate answer. Or, if you know about his hobbies, likes and dislikes just trust yourself and make him a surprise.

So we suggest the basic birthday gift for a man and you can choose something just very pretty:

Love Declaration – It can be a simple poem (men just adore when they are admired) or you can buy him a domain name with his name, sign up for a free website hosting and post there whatever you wish: music he likes to listen, pictures, love letters, etc.

T-shirts, mugs, plates, or a mouse pad with his or your image.

Toesocks – If he is an avid walker, these funny looking socks will fit perfectly with the shoes and keep his feet comfortable and dry.

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And there are other amazing birthday gift idea for man:

If your husband or boyfriend loves to sit at the computer the evenings or he use the computer for his work. Give him a Flash-memory card, TV-tuner or painted computer mouse. Or, in general, you can always buy him a good organizer, card holder, pen, calendar, etc. And do not forget to send him an e-card on his birthday.

Is your man a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages? Give him a bottle of good wine / brandy / tequila, etc. or just a good book about it. He will appreciate a lot.

Or, how about organizing a travel trip to The Biggest Wine Collection in the world containing over 2 millions bottles of wine, highly appreciated worldwide.

If he loves reading, probably he would love a device to read eBooks on, perhaps to read outside, and something very light that you almost forget it's there. So, do not hesitate to buy the Kindle.

But if you buy the gift from your common budget, let the gift also be shared! This kind of gift will be a mean of bringing you closer. Give your man a gift certificate for your adventure: it could be a tandem parachute jump, flight in a balloon or swimming with dolphins.

And yes in addition to all that: a very nice delicious lunch / dinner with you - happy and beautiful, the most important additions to the gift.


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