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Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Updated on March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday

Lets get right to the point, if you have ever been around the average guy for any length of time you might be able to guess what he would want for his birthday. But alas their are still some of us that enjoy shopping and giving gifts that they think we may enjoy.

This can be a daunting task. It took my wife many years to figure out what I wanted for my birthday even though I told her for years up front exactly what I wanted. I really didn't want new socks or new under wear. I certainly didn't want a party.

Its my birthday and I really wanted to do what I wanted to do for once, not what everyone else thinks I want to do. Yes I am very up front about what I want to do for my birthday, I always have been. I believe most guys are. If you ask them they will usually tell you what they would like as a gift. I believe this is because they have had so much a hard time choosing a gift for their girl friends . Sound familiar ?

On that note some girls are good at finding a gift for the one that they love. I believe the main reason being that they know the person well enough to realize what they might enjoy. Yes it can be nice when someone takes the time to hunt down a gift for you that puts a smile on your face.

It isn't that hard just get to know the person and you can normally figure out what they would consider a great gift. No matter what you think he wants or what you may have determined would be a great gift. You may want to try showing him how much you love him in other ways.

I am sort of a private person but for the sake of this article I wiould like to  share something that maybe even my wife doesn't know. It will help you gain incite with your boyfriend, husband or significant other. I hope?

Hink, it doesn't matter what my wife gives me its how she looks at me and the love I see in her eyes for me. All the rest of it is icing on the cake. End of story. This is probably true for many of us ;-)


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  • salt profile image

    salt 6 years ago from australia

    looks ok, not big on grenades though!