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Birthday Gift Ideas—Making Her Birthday Memorable

Updated on October 23, 2012

Do you want to surprise the woman you love during her birthday? Just to mention, not all men out there know what their girlfriends or wives want. That is the reason why women wish men knew things about them. Do you celebrate with your girlfriend/wife the day she was born? When married couples were courting a majority of men did not forget to surprise their girlfriends, but now because they are married it is only a small percentage of men who remember to surprise their wives with gifts during their birthday.

Birthday gifts are some of the issues that stress men. Women wish that their men knew how they feel when they fail to remember the day of their birthday so as to appreciate it by buying them birthday gifts. Of course, there are women who get hurt when their boyfriends or husbands forget their birthday. If you have ever forgotten the birthday of your girlfriend/wife then probably you have the best experience to tell those who have not experienced the ravings of their girlfriends/wives.

Some men know that they have to buy unique birthday gifts for her but the problem is that they don’t know the type of gift she wants. In fact, this is what makes many men to doubt if the gifts they have bought for their soul mates will be appreciated. Nevertheless, it is not all that difficult to pick a gift that will impress the special girl in your life.

Birthday Gifts That She Will Appreciate

You should consider buying her any gift that you know she will appreciate. Below are some gift ideas/suggestions that she will appreciate.

1.) Nothing Says “I Love You” than Bouquet of Roses

If your girlfriend or wife is romantic, she will appreciate if you give her rose flowers as a gift on her birthday. The idea of a bouquet of roses will give you a chance to write her a note that will be attached to it. Whatever you write on the note paper should be romantic.

2.) Make Her Smell Better by Buying Her eau de cologne

It is well known that women like it when they get a eau de cologne as a birthday gift. Therefore, if you are aware the brand of eau de cologne she likes using, you should buy her two more bottles of the same brand. A eau de cologne has always been the best gift that you can give your wife or girlfriend more so during her birthday. If you don’t know the brand she is using currently you can ask her so that you do not waste money buying a gift that will not please her.

3.) Gift Certificates and Coupons

This is another good way to surprise your girlfriend or wife. This is because everybody loves receiving gift certificates. You can visit Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret stores because they are the best stores offering gift certificates. Another romantic and sweet thing you can do for her is to give her a personalized coupon. Many women appreciate a personalized coupon because they are considered the best and creative way of giving a gift. Therefore, during her birthday, a personalized coupon can serve as the best gift.

Finally, when choosing her birthday gift, buy something that will last either physically or in her memories. The suggestions mentioned above are some of the ways that will help you surprise her during her birthday. In short, you have to buy her a perfect birthday gift that will create a lasting memory. These birthday gift ideas/suggestions are also budget friendly apart from guaranteeing the best results.


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    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 3 years ago from Kenya

      @Zebraprint, That is true. @krbalram, Hope they helped you. I thank you two for appreciating this hub.

    • krbalram profile image

      rahul 5 years ago from Bangalore

      zebraprint,ur tips for birthday gift ideas is very practical.I will definately use it.Very useful hub.Marking as useful.

    • profile image

      zebraprint 5 years ago

      that is really true. the person that would be able to tell you what they like would be mom and/or the dad.