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Birthday Gift for Your Boyfriend–Five Ideas

Updated on October 26, 2012

There is one birthday gift that you can give your boyfriend that will make him feel special, appreciated and remember you for the rest of his life. How can you find such a birthday gift for your boyfriend? You should be able to resolve this question.

By the way, is this your first time you are planning to give your boyfriend a birthday gift? Do you have an idea of any gift to give him? If you have no idea of the kind of gift to give your boyfriend, do not pressure yourself so much, you are not alone on this. There are many women out there who do not know what kind of gifts they can give their boyfriends during their birthdays.

Of course, there are women who will never run out of birthday gift ideas to give men. Each year they keep on giving their boyfriends different kind of birthday gift. Therefore, it is not all women who don't have a clue what to give as a birthday gift to their boyfriends but a good percentage of them don't have an idea of a birthday gift to give.

It is not easy to pick a birthday gift for your boyfriend that he will live to appreciate for the rest of his life especially if you hardly know his preferences. Although this is very true, it doesn't mean that you cannot find ideas of a birthday gift to give your boyfriend. There are many birthday gift ideas available that you can try. Each year, use such ideas to give your boyfriend a different birthday gift.

Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

If you are still undecided and you have no clue what birthday gift to give your boyfriend, below are some birthday gift ideas that you can use to make your mind up what birthday gift to give your boyfriend.


1.) Cooking His Favorite Meal

This is one of the most important unique birthday gifts that you can give your boyfriend. There is a specific food that is delicious to your boyfriend. It can be pizza, hamburger or any other food. Once you have known the kind of food he likes most, go ahead and take your time cooking it. When it is ready, you can either pack it nicely and give it to him as his birthday gift or invite him to your place. If you are not able to cook it yourself, you can consider buying it. Pack it nicely after buying it and give it to your boyfriend as a gift. It still serves as a unique birthday gift for your boyfriend.

2.) Give Him Wine

Does your boyfriend take wine occasionally or during his free time like weekends? If he does, then go ahead and buy him a bottle of fine wine during his birthday. Wine serves as one of the birthday gifts that you can give your boyfriend during his birthday. The good thing with wine as a birthday gift is that it is available in variety of brands. This gives you an option to select a different brand each year to give your boyfriend as a gift during his birthday.


3.) Taking Your Boyfriend Out for Dinner

Try something new by taking your boyfriend out for dinner. This will be your birthday gift for him because you will spend time together by eating and drinking your favorite delicacies and drinks. Remember that you should select a restaurant that offers excellent service. Also remember to make table reservations for two early enough to avoid any disappointments.

4.) Stick With Safe Gifts

At one point in your life there must be a situation where you do not know what to buy as a gift to give someone. Such situation demands that you buy a safe gift. There are some things that men will always appreciate when given to them as gifts. Such things turn out to be safe birthday gifts that women can give their boyfriends. Such things include cologne, boxer shorts, shirts, belts, sweat shirts, jeans, T-shirt etc.

Buying one of the safe gifts will make your boyfriend cheerful during his birthday. If your boyfriend has never asked you to buy him a particular cologne, you can buy him one as a birthday gift in a manner that does not suggest you dislike his smell or the one he is currently using. Another safe birthday gift that you can buy your boyfriend is a T-shirt jeans and jeans trouser.

5.) Inspirational Books and DVDs

Every person would like to read an inspirational book or watch a DVD that has inspirational content. There are many inspirational books and DVDs that you can buy as a birthday gift for your boyfriend.

Finding Out What Your Boyfriend Likes

If you want to be very sure what your boyfriend would prefer as a gift during his birthday, then there are ways you can use to find out. Some of these ways are discussed below.

1.) Listen to Him

When it comes to receiving birthday gifts, men are always flexible. However, you can save yourself the trouble of pondering what birthday gift to give your boyfriend by you listening to him. Try to be like a psychologist by paying attention to what he has to say.

For example, if he talks about the things he likes such as the latest iPad, or wanting to buy rims for his posh car, then it will be easy to pick up him a birthday gift that will surprise him because he has just given you a hint what he wants at the moment. You can buy him the latest iPad or new rims for his car if that is what he emphasized while conversing.

2.) Ask Him Things He Likes

This is the best way to get a clue about what your boyfriend wants for his birthday. In some cases you might be forced to ask him what he wants if you have not talked about his likes or if he has never mentioned anything he likes in his conversations you happen to have overheard. He will be happy to mention to you some of the things he likes.

3.) Ask His Friends or His Family Members

Another option is that you can ask his friends. They will give you ideas of things your boyfriend likes. Ask also his family members what birthday gift to give your boyfriend. For example, you can ask his brother or sister what thing he likes most. Ask his family members only if you are familiar with them.

You don't have to make it a burden when choosing a birthday gift for your boyfriend. Come up with some creative gifts that will make your boyfriend to be excited when he is celebrating his birthdays. If he bought you a gift on your birthday that was invaluable, make his to be invaluable also.

You don't want to give him a very cheap birthday gift that will make him to think that you do not appreciate him. The fact that you spend more on his birthday than he spent on yours might make him feel bad later on. So, don't go overboard in spending a lot or don't be too cheap when buying your boyfriend a birthday gift.

What other boyfriend birthday gifts do you know? Feel free to share your ideas with us on the comments section!


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great tips here and so helpful

    • profile image

      IGG 4 years ago

      Awesome this is the great idea's for birthday gifts.