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Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends

Updated on January 26, 2015
Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends - Customizable Ralph Lauren Polo Chino Baseball Cap for $30
Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends - Customizable Ralph Lauren Polo Chino Baseball Cap for $30 | Source

Do you need the perfect birthday present for your boyfriend (or any guy) who has everything!? Consider the following ideas.

Customized Polo Hat

If your boyfriend is preppy, he probably likes Ralph Lauren Polo. Think about getting him an embroidered monogrammed Ralph Lauren Polo baseball cap. Click here to order his custom cap, which only costs $30. You can choose the cap color, embroidery color, and the design of his initials. This is the perfect gift for a fraternity boy, a southern gentleman, or just any stylish boyfriend.

Sporting Event Tickets

Guys usually love sports. If your boyfriend is a fan of your local team, look for upcoming events on StubHub! that he may enjoy, then buy a few tickets for a game coming soon. Let him know the tickets are just for him and his pals. The real gift is that he gets to treat his best friends to a free game and drink beer all night long. It's better for the both of you- did you really want to sit through an entire baseball game?

Quality Headphones

It is hard to appreciate a good pair of headphones until you make the upgrade! Your guy may not realize what he's missing until he ditches the white iPod earbuds. Try snagging some Sennheiser headphones on Amazon. The quality is amazing for a low price. If your boyfriend would prefer a trendier pair, try Skullcandy.

A New TV Series Boxed Set

If you know of a TV series like 24, Lost, or Modern Family that your boyfriend would love to begin watching, buy him the first season on DVD. It is always fun to start a new TV series, plus your man will especially appreciate the gift during the next lazy day TV marathon. And, you can always watch the series together!


One of the lesser purchased gift items, swimsuits are a great birthday idea for your boyfriend. Nothing says "take off your shirt please" like wrapping up hot new beach wear. Plus, guys have a tendency to shop as little as possible, and the chances that his old suit is ancient are pretty high. Try Vineyard Vines, Puma, or PacSun depending on his taste.

Plane Ticket for a Friend

Does your guy have a best friend who lives in a different city or goes to a different college? Surprise your boyfriend by buying his friend a plane ticket to come visit for the weekend. Not only is the surprise factor exciting, it shows you like his friends and that you encourage relationships beyond your own.

Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends - Beer of the Month Club
Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends - Beer of the Month Club | Source

Beer of the Month Club

Guys love beer. Follow this link to a premiere beer of the month club that will have him worshiping you at your feet. You can purchase the club in different increments too (according to how long you have been dating, how much you really love him, etc.) Prices are reasonable for what he gets, shipping is free, and it is something different. Hey, maybe you'll even get a free beer out of the deal.

Any other good ideas for birthday gifts for boyfriends?

Leave a comment below and we can discuss!


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    • feenix profile image

      feenix 6 years ago

      Courtney L J, speaking as a guy, I can say that your gift ideas are right on. And this is a very professional and tasteful hub, for a number of reasons.

    • LVidoni5 profile image

      Brian Loewer 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Cheers! to the Beer of the Month gift idea. Girls take note... there are some great gift ideas here.