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Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Updated on December 5, 2012

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend? I have searched through pages and pages of catalogs looking for the ideal birthday gifts, and have come up with several general birthday gift ideas that will please any girlfriend.

When picking out a birthday gift for your girlfriend, it is important to know your girlfriend's likes, interests and hobbies. Recall what she's interested in, and use that as a basis for your gift. You have to consider what kind of person she is. Does she enjoy materialistic things? Or is she more sentimental? Think about a gift that could make her life easier, but be careful! Although practical gifts may be helpful, they can be boring. A month or two before her birthday, pay attention to what she accentuates. Chances are, your girlfriend may have hinted at a couple of things she may be interested in. If she hasn't, the following birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend may hopefully inspire an idea or two.


Perfume would make an excellent birthday gift for your girlfriend. If you want to play it safe, find out what perfume she currently has and get her a second bottle of it. Another safe perfume would be something classic, such as a fruity smell. If you're feeling adventurous, you could buy a bottle you think smells nice, but note that her tastes could be different from yours. Put yourself in her shoes. What would she want?


If her birthday is in the Spring or Summer, why not get a pair of fashionable sunglasses for your girlfriend? No girl would say no to a nice pair of Raybans for her birthday! Find out what type of sunglasses she likes. Some common types would be aviators or wayfarers. Stay with neutral colours such as black and white. Her favourite may be green, but chances are she wouldn't want vibrant green-framed sunglasses for her birthday gift!

Be Creative

Do something creative for your girlfriend! Gifts don't always have to be expensive, they can also be meaningful and creative. Why not buy a deck of cards, and write a memory on each card and give that to her as a birthday gift? Or make memory envelopes and write out inside jokes and moments that the both of you shared. Get creative and amaze your girlfriend!

Digital Picture Frames

If your girlfriend is on the sentimental side, a digital picture frame would be a thoughtful birthday gift. Find a nice digital frame that would match her room, and is not excessively big. Then fill up pictures of you and your girlfriend on a USB, and give that to her along with the digital picture frame. Not only is this a simple gift, it is a well thought out and creative birthday gift for your girlfriend.

Dinner and a Card

Nothing says thoughtful like a homemade gift! If you're trying to save money, why not make a nice card and dinner for your girlfriend? Setting up a nice candle-light dinner with romantic music in the background shows her how much she means to you. Be creative with your meal and make something elegant such as beef wellington.

Charm Bracelet

Another sentimental birthday gift for your girlfriend would be a charm bracelet. Find a nice coloured bracelet that can easily match most of her clothes, and buy several charms that represent significant moments the two of you may have had. This can also be a benefit because for her next birthday, you could simply get her more charms to add onto her bracelet!

When in doubt, ask for help!

!If none of these ideas please you, maybe it's time to ask some of her close friends or family members. After all, her parents have known your girlfriend her entire life. All in all, when it comes to a birthday gift for your girlfriend, it is important to know what her preferences would be. The above gift ideas are just a general idea on some birthday gifts. Go above and beyond and make your girlfriend's birthday truly special!


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    • dietlife profile image

      dietlife 5 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for the comments you two!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Fully agree with @nyamache. Yr girlfriend might not like the gift if doesn't suit her taste. Understand her needs and what she wants.

    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 5 years ago from Kenya

      Give your girlfriend what the thing she likes most. There is a way you can know what she likes. Do not buy her a birthday gift based on your idea thinking that she will definitely like it- this is where asking will help you.