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Birthday Messages for Your Son: What to Write in His Card

Updated on July 20, 2018

Birthday sayings and messages for your adult son

Your son is an important person in your life. His birthday is a time to celebrate his influence on your life and the lives of others in your family. Taking the time to write a special heartfelt message in his birthday card is one way to tell him how important he is. Meaningful words can show love in deeper ways than tangible gifts sometimes can, so you want to make sure to think carefully about what you write; and make sure it is personal and meaningful.

Sometimes heartfelt messages are a little too much and you would rather just say something funny. I have included some examples of both.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Humorous Birthday Ideas for Your Son's Birthday Card

Humorous Birthday Sayings or Messages

1. If I had a dollar for each time I've picked up your laundry or done your dishes, I'd be a millionaire and I'd definitely be able to afford a much nicer birthday gift for you this year.

2. You've meant a lot to me over the years: messier spaces, bigger grocery bills, a few lamps broken, your bed never made. You've also meant more love, tall hugs, and a whole lot of adventure. Happy Birthday, Son!

3. When you were 2 yrs. old, you would have been happy with a cardboard box for your birthday. When you were 5, you wanted a remote controlled airplane. When you were 10, all you really wanted was a new bike. Now that you are 30, I am really out of ideas. Here's money to use as you want.

4. I always had heard that kids were expensive. I never knew this included fixing drywall after you and your dad wrestled a little too rough, repainting a car after it had been scraped along the side of the garage, paying for 5 years of college..... You've been worth every penny. Happy Birthday, you've been my best investment of all time.

5. I love you more than chocolate, texting, facebook, and coffee. And that is a lot of love!

or.... I love you more than the sports channel, fishing, and coffee. And that is a lot of love!

6. You may have surprised us when I got pregnant for you, but your personality and spunk are not a surprise at all-- considering your father is one of the biggest goofballs on the planet. Oh how I love you both!

Who doesn't like to think they are the the favorite child in the family? Why not do a take off of this photo and write your own message on a photo of the two of you.
Who doesn't like to think they are the the favorite child in the family? Why not do a take off of this photo and write your own message on a photo of the two of you.

Sharing Memories in His Birthday Card

There are times when a long message or even a funny one just won't do. Perhaps you'd like to share a memory or make a list of favorites for him. Whether he says it out loud or not, he will treasure this way of you celebrating him.

Include pictures (recent or throw back pictures) in the card. Draw something yourself to illustrate what you are writing. Write his name in bubble letters or use some paint or (gasp) even glitter. Cut and paste images of some of his favorite toys from a decade past.

Chances are, the more personal and out there you make it, the more he will enjoy it. Hey, men are way more sentimental than we've given them credit for.

Share a Memory

Look through old pictures and find some of your favorites from when your son was younger. Use them to create a card. Write a short memory next to each picture.

Examples of captions you could write to go along with pictures:

"Check out those skinned up knees. You sure were an adventurous boy."

"You and your brother Tim spent so many hours outside this summer. I think this is the summer you got all of your freckles!"

"The lake has always been one of your favorite places."

"You were always one to gather friends wherever you went."

"Remember Grandpa coming over to pitch to you and giving you pointers before your Little League practices? Remember also how Grandma wore the same team shirt to each game for "good luck" and how Grandpa got kicked out of one of your games for yelling too loudly at the umpire?"

"I thought this outfit looked great on you, but boy did you fight me over wearing it for this family picture."

"This is your picture on the day you won the Spelling Bee. You were so proud of that trophy."

"See, there was a time when I was taller than you!"

List His Favorites

If your son is young, birthdays are a good time to reflect on the year. Little ones change so much in a year, so it's a good idea to write down a list of memories or favorite activities in the birthday card. If you keep birthday cards over the years, it can become a way to remember the highlights of the years.

Try keeping a record of what his birthday wishes were vs. what you bought him. Writing these down will help you keep the memories alive for years to come.

If your son is, say, 15 yrs. old or older, try listing favorites from the past. Consider making a list of "Your favorite foods from a decade ago" or "What your birthday party was like 5 yrs. ago." or "What you really wanted for your birthday when you were 8 yrs. old". Sharing memories can bring a lot of laughter and almost always lead to a more lengthy discussion down memory lane.

Humorous Memories

Remember all those stories you've been saving up to tell at his wedding? Maybe you could give him a sneak peek at those now.....

Other Birthday Card Message Ideas

Use these other high quality ideas:


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