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Birthday Party Ideas for Kids: Pirate Themed Party

Updated on September 8, 2012
Pirate Theme Birthday Parties are a blast!
Pirate Theme Birthday Parties are a blast!

Planning your child's birthday party can be a very exciting and fun event. It is your child's special day, and throwing them a fun birthday party can make it a day they will never forget. A pirate themed birthday party is a fun, unique, and creative idea. Are you ready to plan a party, mateys?

Send out Fun Pirate Invitations

Invitations should always match the theme of your party to get your guests in the mood of your theme. Pirate party invitations can be put on paper cut in a fun shape like a ship, a skull, a parrot, a treasure chest, or a pirate. You could use a stencil or design the shape. Include phrases in the invitation like:

"Aargh You Ready to Celebrate a Birthday?"

"X marks the spot of the Party: (Insert address here)"

" Please RSVP by Friday, Mateys"

With alittle creativity and imagination, handmade invitations can be just as good as store bought invitations. However, there are many cute options available online and in stores.

Set the Scene

Location, Location, Location

The location and design of your party area can make or break the party. Try to choose a location with a lot of room, because the more space you have the more activities you can create for the guests to participate in. If the weather is right, throw the party at a local park or in your back yard. If the weather is less cooperative, try having the party at a local community center, or in the largest room of your house.


There are many things that you can use as inspiration for decorations for a pirate themed party. Think about parrots, gold, jewels, ships, skulls, treasure, sea, and eye patches. Set up a table or buffet with a red and white striped table cloth, and spread a gold bead chain across the table. Find cheap pirate props online or at local party stores to lay out on the table as well and to hang up around the room. If you are crafty you can even make some of the decorations and props yourself:

- Make your own treasure chests. Find a cardboard box, and paint it brown to look like wood. Fill it with things that look like treasure. You could use old jewelry, paper plates painted gold, beads, aluminum foil cut into small circles, and anything else that you have laying around your house that looks like treasure.

-Make your own parrots. Do an internet search on "parrots". Choose a few high quality pictures to print out. Make 2 copies of each one you choose. Cut the parrots out and place the two pictures back to back with a piece of cardboard in between. You can sit the parrots around the party area or tie them to string and let them fly above your guests.

- Make a paper chain out of white and red construction paper and use it as a streamer around your party area. You could even attach the parrots or skulls to the streamer to make it even more theme friendly.


Cake and Food

A party is not complete without the food and cake! There are many creative ways to incorporate a pirate theme with food. ChaplinSpeaks wrote a great hub with pirate themed food ideas. Check it out to find out how to make ship subs, melon cannonballs, and pirate's gold snack mix. All of the ideas in this hub are super cute! Read it Here

There are many "golden" foods that will fit your theme. Peanuts, Goldfish, Chee zits, and oranges all look great placed in a treasure chest.

Many bakeries will be more than happy to help you design a pirate themed cake. If you are daring you can attempt to make the cake yourself. Blue icing makes a great ocean and a pirate ship is not too hard to create with icing.Other fun things to include on the cake include an octopus, a cannon, a pirate, and a treasure chest. There are also some great options out there for pirate themed candles. Just be creative and have fun designing your child's cake.

Games and Activities

- Plan a treasure scavenger hunt for the guest's at your child's birthday party. Either hide handmade "gold coins" around the party area for them to hunt, or an alternative way to play is to print out lists of objects for the kids to find (a stick, a penny, something blue, etc).

- Paint the guests faces like pirates. For step by step instructions on how to do this, click Here

- Play "Pass the parrot". This game is like the classic game "hot potato", but it is played with a toy or stuffed parrot. Have the guests sit in a circle. Play pirate or island music, and have the children pass the parrot around the circle until the music is stopped. Whoever has the parrot loses. Traditionally the loser would then be out of the game. But this can leave your guests bored and can cause hurt feelings so be sure to have alternative activities for eliminated guests. An alternative if played outdoors is to give each player a small water gun, and the loser gets squirted instead of eliminated.

- Even if you do not live near a sea, you can still have some fun in the water, if weather permits. Water guns, water balloons and kiddie pools are usually big hits.

- Play "Don't Drop the Cannon Ball". Blow up a black balloon. The balloon will serve as the "cannon ball" See how long the children can keep it from touching the ground by batting it up in the air.

A pirate themed birthday party can be a big hit. It is a fun theme for both younger and older children. If a little imagination and creativity is used, this could be the best birthday ever. If you have any other tips or ideas on how to throw an awesome pirate themed birthday party, please share them in the comments section below.


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    • partypail profile image

      PartyPail 5 years ago from

      Great theme idea. I love your creative invitation wording and game ideas!

    • Christine Miranda profile image

      Christine Miranda 5 years ago from My office.

      Nice hub. Cute game and activity suggestions. Voted up & useful.