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Birthday Party Ideas for Young Kids

Updated on April 24, 2016

Young Boys

I myself have 2 young boys. Well not so young anymore since one is going to be 10 here in a few months but the other one is 5 and therefore still young enough. The two boys both have birthdays in the month of October which in itself is not a good idea because it then makes it difficult to plan around Halloween parties and such. We usually will combine their birthdays into one party and then invite all of their friends for one big celebration instead of two. Here are a few ideas that you can use when planning a birthday party for a young boy.

Mario and Mario Kart

My ten year old is obsessed with Mario and we have done this theme before. We did his 7th birthday in the whole Mario theme and he loved it. I hung decorations from the ceiling such as the yellow bricks from the game and drew him some life size Mario and Luigi characters which hung on his bedroom wall for the longest time. I also decorated a Mario cake and had a number of favors with the Mario theme. It was a good time and all the kids who came knew the character and had a blast. This is one character that has been around for a long time and therefore is used for more than just an older kids birthday party.

You can either do a Mario party with just Mario and Luigi or you might want to spend a little bit more and have a Mario kart party. There are a number of Mario Kart theme kits out there to use to have all the decorations.

Mickey Mouse

If you have a toddler or a young child, this theme is always a good one to choose from. One thing you can do to make your decorations stand out is to use Styrofoam balls that have been painted black and stuck together to create the Mickey Mouse head. You can use these all around the room and when the guests get ready to leave, ask them to take one with them and they can reuse them in the bedroom or playroom.

Mickey mouse has been around for a long time and therefore is one party theme that is popular for boys and girls. If you have a girl, most likely the best one for you to use is the Minnie Mouse party theme instead.

I myself have done Minnie mouse and this theme went over quite well. We did it for the first birthday and I even had someone make her a cute little outfit with her name on it and her one year inside of the Minnie mouse head. It was adorable and a lot of people commented on her shirt and matching tutu. You can purchase many of the items in bulk from sites such as Ebay and Etsy.

Doc McStuffins- Time for a Checkup

For last years birthday party, we made Doc McStuffins as our main character. Each year we choose something that the kids are into and last year our little Bella was into Doc real bad. We took popsicle sticks and made different characters from posterboard and glued them to the sticks for the kids to use to create a fun photo opportunity. The kids had a blast pretending they were different characters from the show.

We made a cake in the shape of the Lamb from the show and made the cake to look exactly like the character with very little work. The cake turned out really cute and didn't take long to make. I had just as much fun planning and preparing all the stuff as they did in playing and eating all the stuff we made.

Pirates and Jake and the Neverland Pirates

If you have a boy then you know how hard it can be to choose a character for the birthday party. If you want something that is something other than a superhero, the Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a birthday party theme you can use.

The pirate theme can be used alone if you do not want to use the Jake theme. If your child does not like the neverland pirate show and simply wants to just use the pirate theme, you can still use many of the neverland pirate items, just don't use Jake in the cake and decorations.

If you are looking for the items to go with the theme, check out your local dollar stores as there are a number of items you can find there cheap to use for the party favors and items for kids to use to play while at the birthday party.


There are so many different superhero's out there that can make planning a birthday party difficult. If you have a child who is obsessed with Batman like my child is, then you know there are plenty of different Batman character favors and themes out there to use however if it is not Batman, then you know there isn't much more out there to use that you can purchase in the store. If you want to still have a superhero party, check out the pinterest boards where there are plenty of ideas for you to choose from.

Dr. Suess

If you have a small toddler who is turning 3 or even 2, then you want something that is more age appropriate. You can turn to Dr. Suess to host your next party. The one popular birthday theme that people turn to when looking for a toddler party is Cat in the Hat. The Cat in the Hat theme is adorable and can be adored by all who come. This theme is easily made enjoyable with the face paint ideas and party favors. If you do not like Cat in the Hat, try One Fish Two Fish theme. No matter which story you go with, its adorable to smaller school age children who have had the books read to them or that have seen a number of movies surrounding his books.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is another theme that girls of all ages love. The cute kitty head is well known by all ages since it has been around for many years. The different party favors that can be used will help you to incorporate the different styles of Hello Kitty. There are a variety of different head styles to choose from as well as different colors. The colors of Hello Kitty can be used to create fun games to be played by all people at the party.

Hello Kitty can be cute as a cake no matter if you are choosing to use a layered or tiered cake or if you simply want to create a basic cake in the shape of the head and then decorated to look like a Hello Kitty. The cake can be easily made by shaping cakes into the head. You can find a number of stencils for the cake online either for free or from craft sites.


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