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Birthday Party Scratch Off Game Tickets

Updated on December 30, 2012

What are they?

I think a lot of parents have seen these Personalized Birthday Party Scratch Off Game Tickets, but are unsure how to use them at their party. I am going to give you some ideas on how to do just that.

These Scratch Off Tickets are just like a Scratch Off Lottery Ticket, but made for the kids with designs to match the latest Birthday Party Themes. In addition to that you will find that you can personalize these with your own party information and your child's name. I think that adds an extra touch.

With each set of Scratch Off Tickets under the circle they scratch you will have one say "Winner" and the rest say "Sorry you are not a Winner", BUT you can decide if you want them all winners or even just a few. When I host parties for the younger kids I always make sure that they are all winners so not to hurt anyone's feelings - so take that into consideration.

You can have a Grand Prize and a smaller prize for all the other guests so everyone wins.

You can use these at Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Holiday Parties and more...

Photos: Firefighter Fire Truck Scratch Off Game Ticket and LadyBug Scratch off Game Ticket

How to use your Scratch Off Game Tickets

  • Send them in the invitations and have them all winners, but the invited guest will think they are the only winner. Have a Small prize to hand out to each guest when they arrive.
  • Have them on the plates when it comes time for food or cake and the winner of the big prize will be the one who picked the winning seat.
  • Put them all in a bowl or basket and let each guest take one out
  • Hid them outside or in a room and do a Game Ticket Hunt
  • You can have a prize table set up with special prizes in boxes and bags that they cannot see in and the Winner gets to pick from the prize table first and then they can chose who can pick next and so on.

More ways to win

You can even find some Scratch Off Tickets that have the added fun of more places for the kids to Scratch. How about 6 spots and they have to find three matching pictures to win - what kid would not like that?

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Make your own Scratch Off Game Tickets

Yes you can even make your own if you are feeling creative and it can be done quite easily. Available to purchase are the Scratch Off Circle or Square Stickers you can stick onto any pre-made design you make. Just stick them on top of what you want to be revealed and that is it. When someone scratches it off you will see it - that simple.

These can also be used to create other games you can play with the kids - like matching games and so on. The limit is your imagination.

Hello Kitty Scratch Off Party Invitation Sold on Ebay from; PERSONALIZED PARTIES EXPRESS
Hello Kitty Scratch Off Party Invitation Sold on Ebay from; PERSONALIZED PARTIES EXPRESS
Twilight Scratch Off Party Invitation Sold on Ebay from; PERSONALIZED PARTIES EXPRESS
Twilight Scratch Off Party Invitation Sold on Ebay from; PERSONALIZED PARTIES EXPRESS

Scratch Off Birthday Party Invitations

I also have to share another favorite of mine and that is the Scratch Off Party Invitations. These are similar to the games, but offer no winners. They just reveal who the party is for on the invite. You can have a photo under the circle and when your guest receives the invitation they have to scratch off and see who the party is for. I think that adds an element of fun to the invite - don't you?

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