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Cool Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Kids

Updated on May 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

Birthday is such a special event for anyone, most specially for kids and our little ones. Kids always love it when they hear from their friends how nice their birthday party was. It gives them a feeling of pride and gives them more reason to appreciate and even love their parents. This helps create an even stronger bond between the kid and the parents. It also helps your kid feel an equal amongst his peers. It is therefore important to give your child such an opportunity.

So on your kid's birthday, you may want to make sure that their party is extra special and something that they can really brag about to their friends. I'm not saying that their party should be extravagant and expensive. It just have to be unique. There are low-budgeted birthday party themes to choose that are easy to prepare and can be really fun for both kids and adult.

Challenge Birthday Party

This is in form of a birthday party game. You just have to find a few activities which are a challenge to the kids. To create determination and cooperation, a gift is promised to the winner. Gifts could be sweets, chocolate, toys or video games. Activities could be engaging in activities such as racing, swimming and dancing to specific music tunes.

When you choose this theme, it is important to understand your child’s best and favorite competition or reality show. The party area is prepared in advance before the arrival of the guests. It is also important to have a common play area with toys and equipped with a bouncing castle. This is reserved for the kids who are too young to take part in the challenges competition.


Karaoke Party

As the name suggests, the party involves hosting a karaoke competition. You can hire or purchase a karaoke machine for the party. Set aside an area that is to serve as the auditorium and whose lighting should preferably be dim. It should also be appropriately decorated. Create a stage and in front of the stage, create a sitting area.

Come up with costumes for the occasion. At the same time, pick up a selection of songs that the kids are familiar with. Now let the kids take turns at the microphone. In this theme, you can also set aside some time to let the kids express their birthday messages to the celebrant. It can be as short as simple "Happy Birthday" or anything. At the end, the kids can choose the best singer who can then be accordingly rewarded.


Disco Dance Birthday Party

Dance parties are a great way to bring the best out of kids who are too young to be self-conscious as well as keep them thoroughly entertained. Set aside a special room and decorate it thoroughly in an endeavor to recreate a night club atmosphere. Buy a disco ball to hang in the middle of the room.

You could go a notch higher and hire a DJ who would be in charge of playing a variety of kids’ hits. It is important to ensure that the dance area is well cleared and dry to ensure that the risk of falls and injuries is minimized. Different segments of dancing competitions could be included where the winners are rewarded with gifts.


Secret Agent Party

This is a special party theme and one that many kids are sure to find fun. You are supposed to set up your own secret agent training academy. The kids who will be invited to the party are the ones who enroll at the academy, in preparation for the real party. This should be done a couple of days before the set party date. To add an edge to the enrolling and to give it a feel of the real training, you can send birthday invitations in envelopes clearly marked "Top Secret" to kids you wish to recruit in the special agent training.

Upon the completion of their courses in the academy, you can organize a pass out parade, after which the kids graduate as secret agents. This means that they are ready for their first mission. You can organize a small mission before the main mission that they had gone to the academy to train for; to find the missing cake and presents. Hand out clues and send the special agents on a hunt for the next clue and so on until they accomplish the objectives of the mission.


Circus Party Theme

This is a theme that is popular with kids and you can make your child’s birthday a show to remember with a birthday party featuring circus theme. The aim is to recreate the mood and activities of a real circus for the celebrant and his/her friends. Children would surely love the idea of playing in a carnival-themed party.

No circus is complete without a clown, and this is a must have for your party. You can hire a clown around whom the party will be hinged. In the party agenda, you can include various activities as per the various age groups of the kids at the party. This makes the party all inclusive and no kid feels left out at the end of the day.


Frozen Movie Trailer

Frozen Birthday Party

If you haven't heard of the movie "Frozen", then you must be living in a cave. Just kidding! Well, if you really haven't heard of it, let me tell you a bit about it. Frozen is one of the most popular 2013 movies of Disney. It is a family-oriented animated movie. The story goes about the two princesses Elsa and Ana. In the movie, Else who became the queen, was born with a curse, having the ability to freeze anything. She accidentally froze Ana's heart and in the end, she was able to unfreeze it and learned how to control her power.

This movie is quite popular among kids. So if your girl wants a princess-themed party, this ideas is perfect for her. She can be Elsa, or Ana. You can use decorations according to the setting of the movie. You can even a gown similar to either princesses for your little one. The parents can also portray the role of King and Queen. This can be a great party for your little angels!


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    • forbetterliving profile image

      Hazel for the Better 3 years ago

      I love the Frozen party ideas too. My nieces love the movie and requested to have that as theme for their birthday.

    • misscraftsy profile image

      Miss Craftsy 3 years ago

      @BNadyn I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for sharing the love ^_^

    • BNadyn profile image

      Bernadyn 3 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida

      Love all these party ideas! I know my little girl would really like that Frozen party and my son would like the secret agent party, what a fun idea, thanks. Pinning and sharing. :)