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Kids Birthdays are Really Fun with Riddle Scavenger Hunt Clues!

Updated on February 04, 2016

Treasure hunts for kids

Childhood is the time when little ones are brimming with energy, but also need to be moulded correctly to get them to apply their imaginations in more adventurous ways. Thus, give them a decent break from the television and computer games and instead set them free to explore traditional entertainment; such as the teamwork and excitement that treasure hunts offer.

These new styles of treasure hunts for kids are designed in a way to help your loved ones develop maximum mental development and can also aid developing their future teamwork and analytical abilities. You can always make these events as something to look forward to, slowly developing approaches to make them more engrossing and challenging with harder to find items, or less obvious riddles.

Firstly, decide on the venue. Indoor locations are perfect for younger kids (since the spaces are normally not too large), they are safer and you will have total control over their movements while they play (well, at least some control lol). When doing this, make sure that all kids know that all of the items are hidden inside, so you will not have to worry about the and cheeky ones running out the front door to find that last clue.

On the other hand, outdoor scavenger hunts are a great way to make things more interesting for older children (or well behaved younger kids), and can be made far more creative; presenting some real challenges to the teams, or individuals. This is often naturally due to the size of the area on offer.

The kids are given the opportunity to experience more of nature and get more exercise, while still having a great time with friends. After all, kids love exploring the outdoors and the hunts are ideal for large lawns, but are far better when expanded to towns, parks, or the even the beach. However, care should be taken that the participants are never out of sight; or at least have one responsible person with each team to keep everyone safe.

Treasure Hunt Clue Suggestions:

A welcoming flexible feature of scavenger hunts is the ability to add creativity to the clues, such as the use of riddles and cryptology. Rhymes are great for kids, as they add a rhythm to the clues and challenge the children to think outside the box. Combine this with some missing letters, and you will essentially be helping to develop their mental strength on a higher level. Children find treasure hunt clues riddles fascinating and really fun! Since, after solving the riddle, they are first filled with a sense of achievement and are then hit with the excitement of being first to find the next clue.

The game clues can mention places where items are placed, or offer their description, but they shouldn't be too challenging at this level, as else the kids will lose interest quickly. You can make it interesting by writing down the treasure hunt clues riddles on material too, as this can be made to look like old pirate clues. This doesn't need to be expensive, as you can recycle some old cloths, rinse in some watered down brown paint (to make it look rugged and aged), and then use a marker or fabric pen to put your clue on them; this will make the hunt interesting and more realistic feel of being an old 'pirate treasure hunt' ... great if everyone is dressed up too! You can get some really amazing photos from this approach.

If designing treasure hunt clue riddles seem daunting, then a little help from internet and you will surely find effective riddles to entertain the kids with (and of course, you can take all the credit … no need for the kids to know that you are not a riddle master!). Take time to think about the list of riddle clues, as choosing a few unique, or even ridiculously hard, places to hide the clues will really increase the fun (even for the adults, as they watch the children run around hunting in frustration lol). However, please remember that these should be arranged according to the age of the players.

Allowing the kids to discover some themes and design their own fun outfits for each scavenger hunt event can increase their enjoyment, creating many cherished memories. Combine this with appropriate rewards like super hero toys, dolls, battle cards, Lego, or whatever the latest fad is, will surely inspire them to work hard to WIN.

More on How to Create a Fun Kids' Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts are one of the best activities you can plan for your child. Not only are they huge amounts of fun, but they get your kids out and about, and we all know how important it is to keep your kids active nowadays! In this article we are going to take a little look at some Kids Scavenger Hunt Ideas and a little bit on how you can go about planning the perfect hunt. With the right planning, as scavenger hunt can be a great way to educate and exercise your children, without them realizing what is happening.

Firstly, let’s consider the age group that you are planning your scavenger hunt for. This will have a bearing on the types of clues that you give as well as the format that the scavenger hunt is going to follow. For example, if the children are slightly older (i.e. over ten) then you will probably be able to get away with more difficult clues than somebody slightly younger who may even need to be paired with an adult to actually complete the hunt. For younger people, the K.I.S (Keep It Simple) principal makes sense, as the more complex the event is, the longer it will take to explain and the less likely it is to be a success. However, with older children, making it complex and challenging can help to keep them engaged.

Next up is to consider the type of event that you want to run (I will run you through some ideas for a kids scavenger hunt soon). One of the top reasons as to why people plan this type of thing is as entertainment at parties for kids, although to be honest you can run a hunt whenever you feel like, kids will always love to take part in them! Let’s take a little look at a few kids treasure hunt ideas.

Kids Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Planning a scavenger hunt can be a pretty daunting prospect. However, a brief search online will give you a fair few ideas for a scavenger hunt. Here are a few of my favourites, all of these are sure to keep your children entertained.

  1. A Nature Scavenger Hunt, the best part about this type of hunt is that you don’t need to plan any clues really. Just give the children a list of what you need them to find and send them on their way. Many teachers actually use this as an educational activity, but the kids will still have great fun doing it. Remember, if they are young you won’t want them running around their own. Perhaps split them up into groups and keep an adult with them at all times. Although of course this isn’t necessary if you are planning a hunt in the comfort of your own backyard.

  2. A treasure hunt is the most popular of scavenger hunt ideas. During this particular hunt you give the children a starting clue. They can then decipher this clue and then run to the next section of the hunt where they are given a brand new clue. The first person to get to the end gets the treasure. This is a ton of fun for those larger parties, but you do need to bear in mind that it is going to take a fair amount of planning to get it perfect.

  3. If they are slightly older then you may wish to supply them with a list of clues about which items they need to find. The first person back with all of the items wins. Although of course you could also set a time limit on the event to ensure people are running about for hours upon hours, just because they can’t decipher one of your clues.

Planning Stages

Once you have come up with the format for your treasure hunt it is time to plan the event! You will want to give yourself plenty of time to do this as it isn’t something easy to do. You will want to bear in mind the sort of things you wish them to find (if you are doing a nature scavenger hunt or similar) or if you are doing a ‘treasure hunt’ you will need to plan the clues for it. There are plenty of ideas out there. However, bear in mind that in order for it to be fun the clues need to be age appropriate. If you are working with younger children then it is probably best to tell them exactly where to go, or maybe provide easier clues.

If you are planning a treasure hunt then your next task will be to put all of the clues into place. If you are planning a scavenger hunt then print off a list of clues, make sure that you have enough for all of the anticipated teams.

It is just then a case of sitting back and making sure it goes smoothly. If you have planned it perfectly then your children are going to have a ton of fun!


Besides planning activities and riddles for your treasure hunt kids clues yourself, you can also opt to download ready made list and read online plans for hunts (what ever would we do without the internet!?). If you are a parent and find it hard to make each birthday party different and really interesting, consider this as an option to make this years birthday party a real success.

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      i am 60 and only had 2 birthday parties, but how i loved putting together special b-day events for my family. try this one: Wrong day!

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      Hi Brett ~ love the ideas for having a scavenger hunt for a birthday celebration. Great for parties of any kind! Thanks for sharing.

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      They really look into this. Great hub!

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      Scavenger hunts are a blast Brett! What's great is that you can really make this work for both younger and older kids. Thanks for sharing this interesting party idea!

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