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Bite Size Candy Apples.. Fall Treats and Party Ideas

Updated on July 19, 2014
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Bite Size Candy Apples

No matter what your throwing whether it be a , birthday parties, halloween parties or just a fun idea to do with the kids, or save for a rainy day. These are delicious caramel apple snacks that are simple to do and yummy for any occasion!

We used to go out to eat and order a caramel apple and it was always a pain to eat, so we would have to save them for when we got home and by that time it either sat there on the counter or it sat in the fridge and got hard. This was usually due to the unnecessary amount of food we took in mixed with an overload of excitement at the fair.

When we would buy them already made at the store we had to cut them up and by then it took the fun out of it. Instead of buying apples covered in a thin layer of caramel, why not just cut and dip it yourself? So I decided one day to stick a piece of apple that I cut onto a fork and dipped in a container of caramel. When I saw this recipe, it was way more yummy and festive looking as a round ball!

Although most people think of candy apples with caramel, which is the traditional way (and what my post was originally about). I started to think about it and figured why not try some other fun ways. Below in the ingredients you can find some other ways to coat your apple bites and one add ons like nuts or maybe sprinkles, whatever you want to do!

Cook Time

Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 15 min
Ready in: 30 min
Yields: 12-16 mini candy apples


  • 2 - 3 large apples
  • 1 Cup candy coating, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, etc
  • 10 oz. soft caramels
  • 1.5 Tablespoons cream or water
  • Toothpicks or lollipop sticks, anything you can use to stick into your apple
  • 1 cup of decoration (optional), nuts, sprinkles, etc.

Useful Tips?

You might wonder what the candy coating is for? A lot of people don't assume when doing candy apples that you actually use a candy coating. When you dip an apple into caramel, without a candy coating covering, it will cause the caramel to slide right off of the apple because of the moisture of the apple.

This recipe calls for 12-16 miniature apples, this all depends on the size of your scoop and your apples.

The total time, may take a little bit long or so if you have never done this before.


  1. Take a baking sheet and line with aluminum foil, and set aside. This will be used later when you're closer to being done.
  2. With your melon scooper, if you don't have one I recommended one off Amazon that works really well and for a good price. After cleaning your apples carve out small round balls. Make sure to always have one surface with apple skin.
  3. Pat the apple balls very, very, very, very well. This is important that you have your apple balls as dry a possible. Once you have done this place the apple balls skin side up and insert you're choice of stick. Bamboo rods used for kabobs, you can cut into pieces and they work great!
  4. Melt your candy coating of choice in the microwave and stir until smooth. Dip each apple briefly in the coating, but make sure that the coating extends to where the skin of the apple is. This makes sure that the moisture int he apple flesh is completely sealed in.
  5. Place them on the baking sheet from step 1. Once all your apples are dipped in your candy coating, refrigerate until the coating is set.
  6. While your apples are in the refrigerate, prepare your caramel. Place your unwrapped caramels and your cream, or water whichever you chose to use, into a a microwave safe bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals until they are completely melted. Allow to cool, stirring occasionally.
  7. Once your caramel is melted, and your candy coating is set on your apples, you can proceed to dip your apples into the caramel. MAKE SURE YOUR CARAMEL IS COOLED DOWN, IF NOT YOUR COATING WILL MELT OFF AS WELL AND NOTHING WILL STICK.
  8. If you want to, dip the bottoms of your caramel apples in chopped nuts, coconut, chocolate chips, sprinkles, or anything else you may come up with. Place the apples on your cookie sheet lined with wax paper and refrigerator to set. These are best the day they are made but you can put into an airtight container and store in the fridge for a day or two.
  9. Enjoy!!!

Hope you ENJOY your Mini Candy Apples!

Feel free to comment below if you have any different ideas, or other fun and yummy Fall snacks!!


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