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Black Friday 2011 expectations

Updated on March 13, 2012

What's Black Friday all about

I'm not a big fan of shopping, I must admit, but there are times when special deals really make me want to go out there and compare prices, deals, coupons and buy stuff that I find later of no real use for me, but that's me.

One of those holidays is the Black Friday period (end of November) where all shops are trying to empty their warehouse just to get ready for the Christmas shopping days, where new products are hitting shelves.

Black Friday Crowd

How will this year's financial crisis affect BF sales?

If the past years sales went up each year this time the situation is different: the financial crisis hit us where it hurts most, and that's our wallets. Not only people didn't manage to save money each month, but many of us are late on our mortgage payments or even worse, lost our homes.

So, there's no wonder people have stopped spending much money on shopping this year, and sales went down, meny stores being confronted with bankrupcy. As you might expect people won't have too much money to spend this Black Friday, but I'm sure the sales volume will be almost the same as last year and that's for a couple of reasons, which I'll explain below.

How will people behave?

There are two possibilities for this year's Black Friday 2010 behaviour.

1 - People will have no money to spend and none of the offers will make them reach the pockets

2 - Shops will concentrate on low price deals and offers, to appeal to poor customers or people stopped spending money all the year so that they have enough to enjoy the deals and rebates expected for Black Friday 2009.

I'm leaning to believe the second thing will happen. Even if people don't have money I believe the shopping microbe will get to them.


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