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Black Friday 5 years from now?

Updated on November 28, 2015

Black Friday back in the day.

I remember the first time I had gone through a Black Friday sales thing. At that time I don't remember it being called Black Friday though. I worked in the electronics department for a local Wal-Mart. At that time I believe it was called Blitz sale. We had stocked the store full of cheap Orion TV's that I want to say were only 19 inch screens. And no at that time it wasn't the flat screens we have of today. From what I remember of those TV's everyone went ape shit over had only a coax connection. For those of you who are too young to know what a coax connection looks like, it is the one connection on your TV that you usually have to screw in. The TV antennas usually use this connection. People lined up like people waiting for water off of Mad Max! It was crazy to see how people went nuts for these cheap TV's that they had to have. But that day started something that was to continue in the years to come.

The years gone by.

After that first year the sales people saw something here. They now gave the people a taste of blood, and they wanted more. And thats pretty much what did happen. Every year after that first one we saw more and more stores participating in Black Friday. More and more people stopped spending time with their families since stores would now have an excuse to stay open and prepare for Black Friday. Think about it though, if you had to close your store for a holiday and lose profit or you make it so that people are lined up and ready to buy from you. This made it okay to make people work during the holiday season since every other store was doing it too. And if everyone one is doing it then it doesn't look so bad.

Black Friday Fights

There is nothing like Black Firday to get people in the spirit of Christmas. Nothing says Merry Christmas than a bunch of people fighting over products. Showing to the ones they love that they fought for that TV for them. Are we so disconnected as a society that we feel these products are what we need. Don't get me wrong I don't mind buying something that is a good deal. But if it means that you have to fight like dogs over a bone. Yeah I can wait a few days to get what I need. Some of my family would wait in line for some of the sales and would talk about how people would get pretty agressive. How people would cut in line and anger the other people in the back of the line and usually ends with police involved.

More theft on top of it all.

Besides people getting into fights we see more people steeling from each other around this time of year. Since they know people are in such a hurry to run from store to store to get the deals from the sales ad. More cars are broken into taking what is not theirs. "Because your a mean one, Mr. Grinch!"

The Future of Black Friday

So after all these years Black Friday is still going strong. We still see the fights online the day after and still see people going crazy over TV's or coffee makers. I have noticed the past few years people start getting smarter and going the route of Cyber Monday. Yeah I know another crazy name that some advertiser came up with. The crazier the name I guess the more sales they get in the future. Whats next Bloody Sunday, a combination of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But yeah I have seen more and more people going this route since it is a little safer and you don't have to wait in line freezing outside some store. You can see that Black Friday has slowly gone from 6am or so to just jumping the gun to 6pm the day before. Stores have slowly started making the sales earlier and earlier making Black Friday not so special. Besides that how many TV's can Americans buy every year?

Be safe out there!

In the next 5 years I see this Black Friday so watered down that it really is just a thing of the past. The future I see people will learn to buy their stuff online and get better deals that way instead of fighting with others waiting outside a store. In the mean time be sure to be safe out there. Lock your doors and check your surroundings when going out to shop around this time of the year. Not everyone waiting in line is bad like the videos we see on the news. Some people in fact just don't know how to act in todays society. Sometimes the best gifts can't be bought in some store. It's the things that money can't buy.


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