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Black Friday Holiday Shopping- A Better Way

Updated on November 10, 2014

Are you ready for this?

Black Friday- Deals So Good You'll Sell Your Soul!!!

Every year humans go out on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), or Black Thursday (formerly known as Thanksgiving) to do their holiday shopping. This day of mass consumerism has practically become a national holiday itself. This ritual is unhealthy for our environment and our economy, and it is unhealthy for our species. Ritualistic shopping is not gift giving. Ritualistic shopping is about feeding a craving. Theres an empty pit inside of most Americans and we try to fill it with stuff. It feels good to go out and spend money, to buy for ourselves and others, intoxicating even. However, shopping too has its hangover, in the form of debt, waste, and environmental and social devestation.

Black Friday shopping is about spending money, not finding the right gift for that special someone. Don't line up at a store five hours before it opens so that you can trample an old lady to save 50$ on a laptop this year! Imagine what Walmart CEO's must think when they watch this madness from their mansions with their families! "Look at those dogs fight for scraps of food!" I bet the Walton's have a "Best of Walmart Security" footage professionally edited and dropped off to watch on the following Monday and laugh at your pathetic grab at materialistic trash and treasures.

I believe many people see holiday shoppingg as a game, shoppers are the players and savings are the prize. I'm sorry, Im so, so sorry, but if thats how you feel you're wrong. It is a game, true, but corporations are the players and your money and dignity are the prize. Don't fool yourself, but don't fret, you do have power. You have a dollar, and thats all you need if you understand what a dollar really means. I stopped playing the game, I'm taking my dignity back and showing the elite that I'm not their beast, I don't need their scraps. Stop playing the game with me.

Holiday Shopping, The Reason for the Season

This holiday season, instead of buying new gifts and continuing to consume our resources, fill landfills, fund excess and destruction, and destroy our planet, try up-cycling... There are a lot of reasons I think this should be the trend in gift giving.
1. You get to spend a few days in a thrift shop or at the junk mall perusing the surplus items of our past and find a new home for some of it.
2. An up-cycled gift requires actual thought and effort about the recipient of the gift rather than just grabbing a gift card or a blender.
3. The environment will benefit, we have already used resources to produce these products which are just sitting in old Walmart buildings and Goodwill stores around the country. Know someone who needs a blender? Go to the goodwill, find one, clean it up and etch their initials into the blender glass
4. You will save a ton of money.
5. You will be putting your money back into your local economy rather than into corporate pockets such as Walmart and Macy's CEOs. Instead of paying someone with a salary of millions 25$ you'll be paying it to someone with a salary closer to 25K$. It's the holidays, think about where your money can best be spent to promote good will.
6. It's creative, fun, and means something to you. Last year we made every gift from hand rather than making any purchases. I'll admit, it was exhausting; but worth it. I remember every gift I made, the time I invested in them, and the concern I felt for each recipient as I made the gift. It wasn't an obligatory 20$ spent for the hell of it, it was a true gift. I considered the person I was making the gift for, their personality and likes, and I created something special for them. Idk if they gave a shit about it or not, but it was much more enjoyable for me, plus I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family while we were making gifts for others.

It's In Your Hands

So, do what you want this holiday season, but remember the dollar in your pocket is your power. With that dollar you can decide life or death. Spend that dollar at Walmart and you are spending that dollar to support dangerous sweatshops, low wages, and e destruction of our economy. McDonalds takes your money and uses it to support GMOs, exploit children and poor health, and then gives your money to companies who are known for animal cruelty. Spend that dollar at Shell and you are supporting the destruction of numerous parts of the world. Give your money to Nestlé and they use it to promote child labour in cocoa fields. If you don't like the direction is country, or this world is headed, think about who is behind the wheel... It's not the politicians, they are pulling strings but its you who decides where to put your power... It's you who pulls their strings with your cash... Is your responsibility to our future to make better decisions. There are links to ideas and upcycled DIY projects below, Pintrest is full of them! Try it for the holidays, then make it a resolution for the new year.


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    • Nate Haynes profile image

      Nate Haynes 3 years ago from Hardinsburg, Kentucky

      I like this idea much more than buying junk. Even the quality of products is terrible now, why should I give something to someone that's terribly made? What does that even say about how I feel about my relationships with people? I will join you this year in upcycling and handcrafting presents Bob :)