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Black Friday Violence

Updated on December 1, 2013

Black Friday

Is our society out of control? Here are the latest headlines, or recap, of what happened this Black Friday.

First of all, Thanksgiving is a time that people reserve for family. This should be the time that everyone everywhere should be allowed to enjoy time with their family. There are no bargains that are so necessary that people need to neglect time with their family and violence should be the answer to obtaining a discount television. Whole foods workers in some states protested to have Thanksgiving day off stating they should have time to spend with their family and not be forced to work on Thanksgiving.

Kudos to the following retailers who recognize the importance of spending time with family.

T.J. Maxx

Dillard's Inc., along with warehouse clubs and some electronics stores


Ace Hardware which advised: "Some things are more important than money."

Let's recap the violence associated with Thanksgiving (a time to be grateful for your blessings) and Christmas ( a time to celebrate the birth of Christ and give to others); two important holidays. reported: Another police officer fired at the 52-year-old driver, who remained hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his arm following the Thursday night incident at a Kohl's department store in Romeoville, the Romeoville Police Department said in a statement.

The store reported suspected shoplifters to police just after 10 p.m. Thursday. As a patrol approached the store, one suspect bolted out a door, officers giving chase to a waiting car. As the one suspect jumped into a passenger seat, he closed the door on the officer's arm and the driver drove off — hauling the officer with him.

Another officer repeatedly yelled at the driver to halt, then opened fire, shooting three or four times, striking the driver with one bullet in the left arm and forcing him to stop, police said. The officer who became stuck in the car injured his right shoulder.

Ny Post reported: A Target customer in Las Vegas was shot in the leg near his home on Thursday night — but not seriously wounded — after trying to wrestle his newly purchased big-screen TV back from a thief who had just grabbed it, police there said.

A Thursday night fight over a Wal-Mart parking space in Claypool Hill, Va., ended when one man knifed another in the arm so viciously that he hit bone, said the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office. Both men are facing charges in the incident, authorities said.

Ap/ABC NEWS reported:

A father was arrested on Thanksgiving Day on a felony child neglect charge after police say he left his 2-month-old son alone in a car outside a store.

Haider Hassan Khudhair Darwash, 34, was booked into the Orange County Jail after the arrest Thursday evening. An attorney was not listed on jail records, and there was no phone number listed for Darwash in Orlando.

The infant was asleep in the back seat of the locked car when Rivera found him, officials said. Rivera then went inside the store and announced on the public address system that he was trying to find the parents of the child or the owner of the car. After about 10 minutes, no one came forward, and the trooper broke the window but "couldn't get the child to wake up," Montes said. Paramedics were called to the scene.

These are just a few of the headlines. To read more about the atrocities that occurred related to black Friday, you can review more documentation of how ugly our society has become at:

Floyd Drake III wrote a great article examining materialism in our society. Perhaps the violence and desire of materials trump time with family, living within ones means, and valuing people over materials. Is getting a television or laptop on sale worth you assaulting other people? What is wrong with our society where we constantly hear every year of violence and lives lost over stampedes for bargains?

Not only are people breaking the law by assaulting others but morally people lose their minds when it comes to obtaining materials at a discount. What type of person disregards the safety and health of others by rushing store entrances, shoving others, and fist-fighting with others?

Something is wrong with our society and we need to fix it before more people are killed, harmed, or injured in the name of obtaining materials. Shopping for friends and family for Christmas is the antithesis of what the holiday is all about. What happened to the principles of Christmas: giving, kindness, compassion, and care for your fellow man? Does all that disappear in the face of greed and selfishness? The days leading up to Christmas should consist of joy and kindness to others.


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