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Black Friday online sales for 2011: which stores to search?

Updated on November 6, 2011


Black Friday is practically less than 10 days away. Retailers are preparing leaflets, printed catalogs, newsletters, online coupons, rebates, practically everything to make you step into their store (or click in if you browse online) and buy as much as you can from their offers. I’m thinking you all need a guide of places to go and search for the product you were waiting so much and saved money all this months.

Black Friday mob scene

The list of store to look for products with price discounts

Let’s see what are the most popular places to shop for deals during Black Friday:

· Ace Hardware: retailer specialized in hardware products

· the biggest online seller with the most varied offer

· Apple: not the cheapsest, not the biggest product lineup, but has the most fans and stylish stuff

· Barnes and Noble: ‘the’ book seller, as people like to call them

· Best Buy: electronics retailer and computers

· exclusive online retailer for electronics, book, fragrances and so on

· Circuit City: retailer for electronics

· CompUSA: they also sell electronics

· Costco: the fifth biggest US retailer

· Dell: well known US computer manufacturer

· Disney Store: here you make your kids happy

· Gander Mountain: they sell outdoods equipment

· GAP: need cool clothes and accessories? Here’s the place

· GameSHOP: any game you need, they have it

· The home depot: largest retail chain that offers home improvement and house supplies

· HP: very popular US computer manufacturer

· Lowe’s: the place for home improvement and appliances

· Kmart: all and everything you can shop

· Kohl’s: they sell clothes, accessories and home decorations

· Office depot: the place foroffice supplies and accessories

· OfficeMax: best deals on office supplies and furniture

· Old navy: clothes and apparel, very diversified offer

· Overstock: one of America’s biggest online retailers

· Macy’s: a mid to high department store

· Meijer: big hypermarket chain store

· Newegg: computer and components online store

· Radio Shack: small to big electronics sell here

· Sam’s Club: membership based chain stores

· Sears: big department store chain that sells hardware, tools, appliance, electronics, clothes and more

· Staples: they sell office stuff, all of it

· Target: they sell pretty much everything

· Tiger Direct: known for electronics and computers

· Toys’r’us: all childen are happy here

· Toshiba: one of the most prestigious Japanese electronics manufacturers

· Wallmart: one of the biggest retailers in the world

· Zappos: an ecommerce footwear shop

Before we end

I think this is a big enough list to take care of all your shopping need this Black Friday, so shop save and save a few dollars for Christmas too.


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