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Black Swan Halloween Costume

Updated on August 29, 2011

Black Swan Costume Ideas For Halloween

When you think of the biggest movies of the past year, you can't fail to think of the tragic and beautiful Black Swan which starred Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

The story revolves around a troubled ballerina, Nina, who is convinced a rival is trying to take her place. As she practices for hours on end to portray both the light and dark sides of the Swan of Swan Lake, she finds her own dark side taking over.

The most famous outfit of this movie will undoubtedly be the Black Swan, though it could also be fun to go as the white version. An excellent costume idea for twins or even friends would be to have one of you go as each of the swan's alter egos.

Be The Black Swan For Halloween This Year

To create the spectacular Black Swan costume you'll want to get your hands on a black leotard and ballet skirt. To complete the look you'll need an intricate black corset, preferably with feathers attached to recreate the ultimate Black Swan look. If you want to make things easier then you can get a ready-made version of this detailed costume sent to you from online Halloween costume stores.

To accessorize the costume you'll want some flat black ballet shoes. More important, however, is getting the makeup right. The Black Swan makeup is one thing that really made Natalie Portman's look stand out, and it won't necessarily easy to put together, but it will be worth it!

Nina's face is dramatically white during her Black Swan scenes, with blood red lips and the all-important feathers painted across her eyes. Get this right and everyone will know who you're supposed to be this Halloween!

Be The White Swan Costume At Halloween

The White Swan shows Nina's good side. Fortunately, this costume idea is much easier to put together than the Black Swan costume would be.

This outfit mainly consists of a white tutu with the distinctive white feathers attached at the bust. To finish off, attach some white feathers as a headpiece, and keep makeup to a minimum with this costume. Use a white foundation or body paint on the face and upper body to recreate Nina's pale White Swan Halloween look.

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Do You Want To Be The Black Swan At Halloween This Year?

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