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Funny Jokes on April Fools at a Nursing Home-funny Story blonde Moments at a Nursing Home

Updated on October 1, 2011

Funny Stories at the nursing home

I love to hear funny stories and I also love to lauph, I just love it.....My favorite holiday is April Fools at work.  As I have wrote in previous hubs I work at the Catt. Co. Nursing home. My coworkers and I have such a great time and I love working in the activities department. I decided to keep a log of some of the funniest things that have occurred there so I wont forget and neithor will they.

Katys blonde moments

As I arrived at work the other day Katy was so excited to tell me this story. Katy has a baby about six months old. As I walked into the office Katy was excited to tell me she pulled a Kristie, (that's me), haha. Heres how the story went:

Katys baby had her diaper off and had messed herself on the dining room floor, Katy said it smelled horrable so she decided to grab the "air freshener". She walked around the house spraying behind her and around the entire house including up the staires. As she got up the staires, Katy looked down on her arms an noticed some white stuff alover her. At that point she was scared to look behind her. She proceeded slowly looking back and there was white stuff all over the entire house. Aparently Katy had grabed the bug repellent instead of the air freshener. At that point she was in "aaaw" because she thought "What a mess, now I gotta wipe up the entire house. As Katy was cleaning, her husband walked it to the front door to see the mess Katy was cleaning up. He said, "What in the" as his front leg flew forward and his rear landed on the floor. I wish I could have been a little mouse in the corner to see all of this excitement.


Katys April Fools joke

 Katy and I had so much fun on April Fools day. In the activities department, we have kids who come to work from an ouside agency who gives kids in the community jobs that have low incomes. I pitty the kids who work on April Fools Day... Last year Katy had a brilliant idea to have one girl in piticular fill the water fountain. She was so good at exersizing this plot. A few days prior as we were eating lunch she had mentioned to us infront of Sam that it was almost time to fill the water fountain. On April fools day she told Sam it was time to fill the water fountain. She then gave Sam a water pitcher as we all watched her pour it into the fountain. She came back and asked "How do you know when its filled?" I couldn't hold back the laughter as Katy told her "April Fools".  

My April Fools Joke

 I decided this year I had to think of something memorable. By now most people heard what I did this year. I decided to let Katy know about it because I needed her help. As I was driving to work I couldn't stop laughing the whole way there. When I got to work I informed Katy what the plain was. I told her to write on sticky notes that Mr. Lyons had called and would like you too return his call, then leave the number to Buffalo Zoo. Of course Katy thought this was also a wonderful idea. We put these sticky notes in all the offices and of course as soon as they figured out it was the Zoo they came right to the activities office lauphing. The matience supervisor even typed L looking for Lyons which was even funnier.


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    • cupess001writing profile image

      cupess001writing 6 years ago from Indonesia

      " I love to hear funny stories and I also love to lauph " do you need me to recheck your spelling ? sorry I love to joke too.LOL

    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 7 years ago

      That April fools joke is classic - poor girl :0