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Getting into the Halloween spirit.

Updated on October 18, 2015

Who said Halloween is just for kids?

Halloween only comes once a year. No other holiday do we all get dressed up as a character and enjoy scaring each other and getting candy on top of it all. I know as we get older we feel we need to grow up and make it a kids holiday. But I feel it's our job as adults to show the younger kids how to enjoy a holiday and that Halloween can be a really fun holiday. I want to give you some ideas and links for getting in the spirit of Halloween. A lot of times we just need a little inspiration to get us going in the right direction for Halloween.

Work sometimes gets in the way.

Some people don't have the time to dress up for Halloween. Often we get busy with our work schedules and wont allow us to go out and participate. Even though you don't have the available time to get dressed that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good scary movie to watch at the end of the day.

My top movies for Halloween:

Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy Kruger is one of my favorite horror movie characters. I highly recommend these movies. I'm not a fan of the remake though.

Friday the 13th - Who doesn't love the background sound of "cha...cha...cha....kill...kill..kill' when Jason closes in on his victims. I kinda stopped at Jason goes to space, was a little too far out there for me. But other than that Friday the 13th is always a good slasher movie.

Hellraiser - I've love the characters created in the Hellraiser series. Part 1 and 2 are the ones I enjoy the most. The rest of the parts are okay but they are not as good as the first two.

Night of the living dead - Who doesn't love a good zombie movie! This one brings it back to the roots of being filmed in black and white, that gives it a little scarier feeling in the end.

Poltergeist - I've always enjoyed the original movies here. I couldn't get into the remake of the film that was created. Just didn't have the same feeling as when I saw the original movies.

The Gate - Not sure how many people came across this movie but it's pretty cool if you get a chance to check it out. This one will not disappoint you, it's a very good movie to watch for Halloween.

Ghostbusters - I posted this movie for any kids that are too young to enjoy the scarier movies and want to enjoy a good comedy flick. And you can't go wrong with the Ghostbusters movies. I even hear they are making a part 3 coming soon.

The Lost Boys - This movie to me is one of the greatest vampire movies ever made! They made a part 2 and 3 but I couldn't get into those movies, they didn't have the same feeling as the first movie.

And if your stuck at work and can listen to music online you might wanna try out this site I always recommend . The name of the website says it all of what this site is about. You can listen to the audio only of the movie. You might be able to find some scary movies to listen to on this website to get you in the holiday spirt of Halloween.

Some inpsiration from one of the greats Rick Baker!

Working with a budget.

Sometimes we have very little money to work with and need a cheap and easy method. Face paints are a cheap and easy way to start a costume for Halloween. I've always found as long as you know the basics of drawing you can get a decent result using face paint. I linked Rick Baker's youtube video to give you some inspiration. I always get inspired by watching his videos and his process. Sometimes you can find some cloths to make an outfit from thrift stores. If you have a good imagination or just want to come up with something original then you might have some luck using a thrift store. I find I have the most fun just coming up with something a little different. Again face paints can go a long way if you use them correctly.

I used face paint one year and came up with this.
I used face paint one year and came up with this.

Demon face paint

For this demonish looking face paint I just mainly used black and red and thats about it. I followed Rick Bakers video that I posted on here. It really helps in seeing how he builds up his paints a slowly when doing his process. I then use a cheap pair of vampire teeth you usually can get at the dollar store. Had I had more time I probably would have made the teeth a little more stained and not so white.

Quick tip for those who plan ahead.

If you are a person that likes to be prepared for the next year then this is a good habit to do. The day after Halloween I usually make it out to the stores that sold the mask and outfits. They will usually have their Hallween stuff at 50% to 75% off at times given its seasonal and Thanksgiving is right after that. But what I like to do is buy all the facepaint and any mask that they may have left over they day after. I have gotten some awsome deals going the day after and just keeping the mask on hand for the next year! Although I have noticed something over the past year that makes me sad. I see less and less latex scary halloween mask out there now days. I wonder if it's because some people are allergic to latex and they don't want to be responsible for anyone saying their product caused it? But don't let that stop you from looking. You never know you might find a good deal the day after and will be ready for the next year if your usually on a budet.

Final words

Hope this gets you in the Halloween spirit for this year and years to come. I've always had fun on Halloween and dressing up scaring the kids as they run away saying," I'm not scared!... I'm not scared!" So have a happy Halloween and enjoy!


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