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Book and Nursery Rhyme Costumes

Updated on July 9, 2013

Book and Nursery Rhyme Costume Ideas

Dressing up as a character from children's books and nursery rhymes is a great costume to wear for all types of costume parties, from kid's dress up parties, to Halloween, 'Letter' Themed Parties (ie, dress up as something beginning with the letter 'P') or for Book Week. Why not dress up as your child's favourite nursery rhyme character for a special birthday treat?

Below are a few costume ideas, ranging from the very simple, to the slightly more complex.

Children love dressing as their favourite book and nursery rhyme characters
Children love dressing as their favourite book and nursery rhyme characters | Source

Costumes for Women and Girls

Little Red Riding Hood

A classic tale about a little girl who comes across a hungry wolf on her way to visit her Grandma. The simplest of costumes to pull together, this one needs at a minimum a red cloak (easy to buy or make), along with a basket full of muffins (hmm that'd make a great mid-party snack).

Little girls might also be able to convince their fathers to dress up as the wolf in Grandma's clothing.

Little Bo Peep

Poor forgetful Little Bo Peep managed to misplace her sheep. But we shouldn't hold that against her. Grab a sweet blue dress and bonnet for your little lady, and add a staff made of cardboard or PVC piping. Sheep optional.

This costume also works for Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Little Miss Muffet Costume

All you need for this costume is a frilly dress and a few simple props. Just get a plastic spider and a bowl and spoon. Pin the spider to her dress and have her carry the bowl and spoon for her curds and whey.

Costumes for Boys and Men

Max from Where the Wild Things Are

Little boys will love dressing up as Max - the naughty boy who wouldn't do what his mum told him to, and instead sailed away to a distant island full of monsters. Grab a white onesie and make a crown out of gold cardboard for a quick costume. Add a scepter made out of a aluminium roll tube and a styroform ball painted gold.

Adventurous parents could dress up as the Wild Things, like this awesome family on the Subway in Boston. Definitely not an easy costume to pull off, but creating amazing memories for this little boy.

Wally from Where's Wally

Oh Wally - so many hours of childhood lost searching for you among Viking parties, crazy football games and Witch gatherings.

Wally is such as easy costume to pull - just grab a red and white striped top (or paint red stripes on a white top), add thick black glasses and a red and white beanie, blue pants and a cane.

Old McDonald

This is an easy costume to make, and you can probably make it from your boy's wardrobe or op shop buys. Just get a pair of overalls and a checked shirt. Add a straw hat and a menagerie of stuffed animals.

Where The Wild Things Are? On the Boston subway.
Where The Wild Things Are? On the Boston subway. | Source
Dish and spoon costume is great for couples and friends
Dish and spoon costume is great for couples and friends | Source

Book and Nursery Costumes for Couples and Groups

The Dish and the Spoon

Remember Hey Diddle Diddle? This nonsense rhyme has a few character ideas including a dressing as a Cat with a Fiddle or a Cow (make sure you have a small moon with you that you can periodically jump over), but my favorite costume idea is the Dish and the Spoon.

For the dish you will need some large pieces of cardboard and duct tape. Lay the cardboard on the ground and take it together so it forms a piece as large as you want the dish to be. Then using a piece of string and a pencil, draw a circle and cut it out. Draw a second, smaller circle for your face hole. Paint it white and decorate to look like a plate, then add some straps.

For the spoon, cut out a spoon shape from more cardboard and cover with aluminium foil or silver spray paint. Cut a face hole and add some straps.

101 Dalmatians

Perfect for any number of participants, dressing as a group of spotty dalmatians from this great story. Just get a white top and jeans/pants and paint or stick black felt spots all over. Add face paint for a doggy face and felt ears stuck to a headband.

For fun, one member of the group could dress as Cruella De Ville in an op shop fur coat and dramatic make up. So evil.

What is your favourite nursery rhyme costume?

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Are there any other character costumes you think should be included? Leave a comment below.


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