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Fun and Funky Unique Wine Stoppers and Toppers

Updated on August 24, 2017

Unique wine stoppers and wine toppers for all tastes.

Whether you're fun loving, cool as a cucumber or like that unique touch, there are many awesome designs of Unique Wine Stoppers for all tastes.

Everyone loves that added touch on the table and a stopper or topper can do just that. Make people laugh, admire, comment on something a little different.

Bottle stoppers and pourers can be used not only for wine, but for champagne, vinegar, oil, cordials and many other bottles. I have a funny one that reads 'Drunk as a Skunk' and one that comes out every Xmas with the traditional father christmas head first down a chimney.

Image courtesy of Corky the Happy Puppy Wine Bottle Stopper

Cat Stoppers

Just for Cat Lovers

Cats are excellent companions, but at the same time they love their independence and being able to go off and do their own thing. That is why cats are one of my favorite animals. If you like cats as much as I do, you will like this collection of cat wine stoppers. These wine stoppers are a favorite collection piece of mine.

Red Tabby Cat Wine Bottle Stopper pewter baseCHECK PRICE

Hand-blown Glass Cat with Mouse Bottle StopperCHECK PRICE

Dog Bottle Stoppers - For Dog Lovers

Dogs love humans unconditionally! They never judge you, but show affection, love and devotion. They are always pleased to see you no matter what. These wine stoppers come in a variety of breeds, so that you can show your favorite. Again, these are very collectible, and I have a few dog wine stoppers sprinkled into my collection.

Epic Products Corky Bottle Stopper, Multicolor
Epic Products Corky Bottle Stopper, Multicolor

Sit, stay, drink fun bottle stopper.


Fish Wine Stoppers

Unique Little Fish

Fish are fascinating to watch with their beautiful and graceful movements and give people a sense of calmness in this fast paced living. My son in law loves his tropical fish tank and spends many an hour looking after the needs of the fish. I must admit, I sit with my grandson on my knee watching the fish get up to all sorts of everyday activities.

Glass Orange Clown Lovable Fish Wine Bottle StopperCHECK PRICE

Tropical Fish Pewter Wine Bottle Colorful Reef Fish StopperCHECK PRICE

Unique Elephant Wine Stoppers - Big Trunk Designs

Elephants are known for their memory and their intelligence. Elephants grieve like humans and actually bury their dead. That is why I like these unique wine stoppers so much. They also come in a variety of different forms from hand-blown glass to bejeweled glass. If elephant collectibles are something you like, then you should check these out.

Did you know that sealing a bottle of wine with a bottle stopper keeps it fresher for longer, maybe as much as a week or even more!

Find out HERE

Crystal Wine Stoppers

Stylish design

Crystal always offers a beautiful design for everyone to enjoy. There are several colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from. You are surely going to find something here to catch your eye. Personally when it comes to crystal my favorites are the clear, diamond-shaped stoppers.

Red Crystal Bottle Stopper Beautiful and stylishCHECK PRICE

Beautiful Fine Crystal Golf Ball Bottle StopperCHECK PRICE

Wedding Bottle Stoppers

Creative wedding designs

Weddings need to have that special touch, so what better way than to add unique wine bottle stoppers to the wedding list. These wedding bottle stoppers make great mementos of your special day. There are plenty of different styles to choose from. My personal favorite from this collection has to be the bride and groom stoppers.

Murano Heart Wine Bottle Stopper Swirl design with silver, black and blueCHECK PRICE

Love Themed Bottle Stopper Love conquers all special weddingCHECK PRICE

Bride and Groom Winter Stopper Unique gift stoppers and favorsCHECK PRICE

Unique Anniversary Wine Stoppers

For that special celebration

Anniversaries are a way to celebrate and remember the magical feelings you had when you got married. Much like the wedding itself, there are many ways to add a special touch to that day. These wine stoppers are sure to be a collectible that you will want as a reminder. Remember special anniversaries with 10, 25, and 50 markers.

Anniversary or Birthday Wine Bottle Stopper

Hallmark Anniversary Year Wine Stopper

Lillian Rose - 25th Anniversary Wine Stopper

Big Wine Debate

What wine do you prefer?

Rose Wine Stoppers

Roses are truly beautiful and make for a touch of class on the dining table. Flowers are one of my interests, so it is

natural that I would like the rose wine stoppers. I also like the many styles of these toppers. Red rose, clear crystal,

and vintage roses are just some of the choices.

Lily Bottle Stoppers - Lily design and beauty

Lilies are delicate, pure and very pretty. Add them to your bottles for a touch of elegance. I wanted to expand on my love of flowers and add these lily bottle stoppers to the assembled collection. The calla lily is a personal favorite, and there are quite a few to choose from in this family.

If you're interested in the History of Wine

Hope you enjoyed this collection of Bottle Stoppers - Have you got a favorite or a collection?

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      Amy Trumpeter 4 years ago from Oxford

      I like that corky puppy do one!