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Bouncehouse Setup Made Easy

Updated on December 16, 2013

What you need:

1.Bounce House

2.Bounce House fan also called a "blower"

3.People (volunteers must be trained)

4.Tarp (for concrete surfaces and in case of rain)

Move Bounce House to where you desire to set it up and then remove it from the bag. Be sure to use a "dolly" to move the equipment and have more than 1 person available to help.

Standard Bouncehouse Example

Castle shaped bouncehouse
Castle shaped bouncehouse

Setting Up:

***Note: paying attention to how the Bounce House was folded up when unrolling it will make it easier for you when trying to roll it back up.***

2. Unroll Bounce House so that it is lying flat and entrance is facing where you want it. Be sure to unfold the bouncehouse prior to inflation.

3. Locate the 2 tubes where the fan goes on the opposite side of the entrance.

4. Take the Bounce House fan and strap it down. Tie up the other tube by using the strap.

5.Plug the fan into the generator and hit the on switch. Let it inflate until max size.

6.Stake the bounce house down or strap sandbags to anchor points on each corner.

Operating the Bouncehouse

1.Have 2 people running the Bounce House; 1 letting kids in and 1 watching the kids.

2.Let in between 4-6 kids depending on size and weight.

3.You can determine the appropriate time the kids spend in the bounce house.

***Note: If it begins to rain, turnoff the fan and cover the bounce house with a tarp ASAP The bounehouse will get wet but using a tarp will prevent any damage to the blower unit***

Another Bouncehouse!

Castle Combo Bouncehouse
Castle Combo Bouncehouse

Set Rules!

Although bouncehouses and other inflatables are lots of fun, they can also be dangerous. Any bouncehouse company you use will give you a set of rules to repeat to the kids before they use the equipment. Those rules usually include:

1. Ensure that everyone takes off their shoes.

2. Be sure all eyeglasses are removed before bouncing

3. Be sure to only allow kids of similar weight and height in at once.

4. No flipping, cartwheels, or any other roughhousing. This is perhaps the most important inflatable rule to follow. Almost all injuries sustained while using bouncehouses are from children not following these rules. In some cases and in some states, it is considered a misdemeanor not to follow the explicit rules and instructions of the bouncehouse operator.

Tear Down:

1.Sweep out the Bounce House and then remove the stakes.

2.Make sure all the kids are out of the Bounce House and then remove the fan and untie the other tube so that the house can deflate.

3.Let the Bounce house deflate by itself for at least five minutes before attempting to roll up.

4.Once deflated, fold the Bounce House into thirds with the tubes sticking out at the one end and the entrance at the other.

5.Starting at the entrance, have 2 or 3 people role up the Bounce House. You may have to do this twice because of the air.

6.Place the Bounce House back in bag. If it does not fit you will have to refold and reroll it until it does.


VERY IMPORTANT: You must use a company that is licensed and inspected by your state's department of agriculture. Most states require by law a license to be assigned to each inflatable which is considered by the department as "ride" and without one your event can easily be shut down by a state inspector (whether or not you are on private property). These licenses and inspections are necessary to ensure that all safety standards are met and more importantly, that the operators have been properly trained on all aspects of bouncehouse operation. Remember, using an unlicensed company will put your event at risk of closure and also makes it much harder for companies that do follow all the laws and regulations to operate legitimately.

Use Local Business

There are no nationwide inflatable rental companies so whichever one you decide to deal with will most likely be a small business. Small business is the backbone of any community and by using small a business you are contributing to your local economy. Plus you can save a lot of money using local business. In most cases, small businesses will be more willing to negotiate on price and nothing is more important when planning a great party than keeping cost low and fun high!


If you follow the above guideline there should be no issues when having a bouncehouse at your next party. A bouncehouse is a great way to give all the kids at your party a fun activity which also provides a fair amount of exercise. Bouncehouses can also easily fit into most indoor gyms and sporting centers so even if your child's birthday is in winter, there are still options. When working with any inflatable company it is important to use local companies that can save you money and time It is also important to use a company that is licensed and inspected by the state department of agriculture. Some of these companies like Executive Events & Entertainment even offer free party planning advice and tips.

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© 2013 Andrew Kramer


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