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Boxing Day - Day after Christmas

Updated on December 27, 2011
Junkanoo musician
Junkanoo musician | Source
Son in a costume - headdress
Son in a costume - headdress | Source

Another holiday

Boxing day, is the day after Christmas day. It is typically a holiday. It is another day where businesses are closed and people continue to celebrate with food, family and good cheer. Boxing day is usually honored in countries that are part of the British commonwealth or have some history of British rule and colonization.

Boxing day around the world is celebrated in a myriad of ways. But it's historic tidbits has it linked with giving. The wealthy of Britain and English colonies collected money - alms, that was used to help the church and the poor.

To me Boxing day was another day to celebrate, take part in Junkanoo -this is a parade of different groups, competing for a the title of whose' the best', dressed in elaborate costumes, with gombey and other music, people dancing / rushing down Bay street to rhythms influenced by African drums and traditions, also hanging out with family and friends, while we continued to eat foods like boiled fish, grits, johnny cake and other Bahamian goodies.

Growing up in the Bahamas afforded me exposure to English influence, words, culture, holidays, and customs. Most places that have been colonized by the British and who still have ties to the English systems of laws and influence, still carry on British traditions.

Celebrating Boxing day as a holiday, the day after Christmas day is another one of those traditions. But in every colony, whether independent or not Boxing day celebrations are different.

Yet, they are still the same, businesses close, there are gatherings and food, sometimes gifts are still given.

Boxing day originated in the United Kingdom, Britain specifically and is celebrated in countries that are part of the commonwealth, like Canada, Australia and of course the Bahamas.

Tidbits, and theories

  1. Day after Christmas
  2. public holiday
  3. a day of collecting money in boxes, Church Alm wooden boxes or clay boxes for the poor
  4. day for the wealthy to give boxed presents to servants
  5. vacation day for servants who worked on Christmas day
  6. celebrated in Britain, England and the Commonwealth countries
  7. day to give gifts to tradesman, example mail carriers
  8. bank holiday and other business holiday
  9. the feast of St Stephen, who was instrumental in taking care of the widows and the poor

Some historians theorize that Boxing day originated with the Romans and some say in the Middle Ages, so no one is totally convinced of its true start, although there are indications that social behavior because of the compassion of good King Wenceslas, these became common activities.

Recent history. Boxing day has taken on different connotations. Instead of the 'giving' day and sharing that it originated for, it is now a day of commerce. The retail potential of Boxing day is extreme in the UK, Britain and the commonwealth countries.

It is also a day for sports.

It's focus in no longer on giving, unless you look to the church and organizations like the Salvation Army and the like.

So sad...


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