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Boyds Bears Christmas Ornaments

Updated on August 22, 2011

 It's time to think about the Holidays!  Do you need a quick gift idea?  How about a Boyds Bear Christmas Ornament.  They are cute, well crafted and very inexpensive.  You could start your own family tradition by giving away a Boyd's Bear Christmas Ornament to your loved one.  And maybe if you are lucky you could get one in return! 

 The Boyds Bear Santa Ornament stands 3.5 inches tall and is made of resin.  This little guy is decked out in his Santa gear fringed with Mistletoe.  Of course he has a sack full of goodies for all.  He hangs on a red ribbon. He would look great on any tree!

Boyd's Bears Baby's Christmas Ornament. Limited To 1998 Production #25954

The Boyds Bear Christmas Ornament is a limited 1998 edition. There are only a few left in stock! This Christmas ornament features a detailed sculpture of a teddy bear sitting on top of a white ornament. The ornament says baby's Christmas. The teddy Bear is dressed in Santa outfit and a Santa hat with a bell. He is holding a Christmas tree adorned with a gold star. I love the questioning look he seems to give you.

Boyds Bears A Dad like you is the best gift of all Ornament 257706

Now a little something for the Dad's out there.  Make him feel special by giving him the Boyds Bear Christmas Ornaments especially for Dad.  It stands over two inches tall.  It has a little bear adorned in a bow tie laying on top of a golf ball. On the golf ball are the words " A Dad like you is the best gift of all"  This would be a great gift for a new father. 

Boyds Christmas Bear Ornament Lil Spruce #562447

I love this Christmas ornament! First of all because it is plush! If you are giving this as s gift for a family with small children then there would be little chance of it breaking. Secondly just look at the bear's little face. This Boyds Bear Christmas Ornament features a bear (at least we assume it's a bear!) peeking from inside the Christmas Tree. His little paws are also poking out. The plush tree is decorated with a star.

Of course we will not forget the Mothers! Here is an ornament with moms in mind.  It features a Boyd's Bear hanging on top of an ornament.  This bear is unique to me because he is actually smiling! The ornament  is green with the lettering " A mom like you is the best gift of all"  A great gift for any mom that they can cherish year after year.

Boyds Bears Christmas ornaments have even thought about Grandpas! The Boyds Bear I Love Grandpa Christmas tree ornament has a little bear sitting atop an ornament. He is holding a large gold star and wearing a Santa hat. And yes, this bear is smiling too. On the ornament are the words " I Love Grandpa" This Christmas tree ornament will become a holiday keepsake for sure!

 The Boyd's Bear Michael Jinglebeary Christmas Ornament was released in 2002.  He was quickly retired as he sold out and was hard to find.  This resin figure is 3 1/4 inches tall and 2 inches wide.  This figure was made specifically for the Longaberger Basket company.  Micheal the bear is peeking over the bow of the Lonaberger basket.  It is a Noel Bell Basket. The Boyds bear is dressed in a red and white striped shirt and blue pants.

Boyds Bears Frasier Christmas Figurine

The Boyds Bears Frasier Christmas Christmas Figurine stands 3 1/4 inches high. He is not an ornament. He is a Boyds Bears Resin figure. He was introduced in 2000 and retired in 2003. This little bear must have had some sort of mishap because he ended up in the Christmas tree.I love the look on this bears face, as if to say help!

Boyds Bears Bear Sledding Clothespin Ornament #257210

The Boyds bears Sledding Clothes pin ornament is pretty clever. The resin bear is sleigh riding and holding on his fast sled. This little bear is dressed in a Santa outfit. He is 2 1/2 inches long and can be clipped virtually anywhere on his clothes pin. He is a great addition to any Boyds Bears Collection.

Boyds Bears Chandler, Constance & Felicity...A Brighter World Ornament

 The Boyds Bears Chandler,Constance and Felicity a brighter world ornament can be a great keepsake.  Give this to someone who you think makes a difference in the lives of others, or your life!  The red ornament has three resin figures against a deep blue background.   The three animals stand united with a light in each hand to symbolize hope and change.

Boyds Bears & Friends Angelbrite Ornament

 The Boyds Bears and friends Angelbrite Ornament features an angel bear flying through the air.  This bear is complete with angel wings and a halo.  He is dressed in a blue robe with gold stars.  He is also holding a banner that says "rejoice".  He is made of resin.

Edmund ... Deck The Halls Boyds Bears BearStone Christmas Ornament

 Edmund Deck the Hall Boyds Bears Bearstone Christmas ornament is new for 2010.  Edmund looks like he is "bearly" able to hang on to this ornament.  The resin figure is hanging onto resin decorations afixed to an ornament. The decorations include little gingerbread men and hearts.  Edmund is wearing a white Irish sweater and a cap.

Boyd's Bears Barnaby...Homeward Bound Ornament #370201

 Boyd's Bears features more than just bears!  Take fore example, Barnaby, the snowman. He is featured in the Boyds Bears Barnaby Homeward Bound Ornament.  Barnaby looks like he is flying through the air to save the day.  In his hands is a nest and upon his back are three birds. Barnaby is smiling as he is completing his good deed of the day.  perhaps he is teaching the birds to fly?  or merely taking them back home?

 The Boyds Bears six piece plush set will make a great housewarming gift!  This set contains six plush animal figures that are five to six inches high. The figures include Mr Claus and Mrs Claus.  They also include bears dressed as a snowman, and an elf.  There is also a reindeer in this collection. It is a perfect gift for a family with young children, as their is less chance of breaking.


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      lovely ornamental, great recommendation Ms Chievous:)