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Brahmam Sathya Jagat mithya, Eternal is truth, creation is ever changing and alludes to a hidden truth.

Updated on May 17, 2016

Brahmam Sathya Jagat Mithya ( the translation is The Eternal is Truth, the changing world is the illusion)- a saying i have heard sung with many variations. With fascination people seem to speak and express this creation, often alluding to a hidden truth. In many songs, writings, works from many different places a melody, a harmony resounds. The basic thought is the divine within that helps us live. Life holds the living truth, all else keeps changing. We find people say change is all there is, and in a struggle to discover the truth. Some one walks up and tells them 'yeah! i too heard Truth will set you free'. But like night and day, things just move on, like seasons they bring change, people keep traveling each day. This is a very isolated adult world. often changes bring a shift in the view that tides over problems, or brings new struggles or fascinations. But it is the minds view that is shifted. The truth still remains hidden. But there are moments some of these changes helps us see things in positive perspective. These are moments of celebrations. The easiest ones to relate to are celebrations with children and toddlers.

Step into a moment when you see a little child, infant, toddler, life seems very different. A celebration which carries untold warmth, Helping Adults smile each day. Things are changing each day, around a toddler. Mothers are often tired, Yet there is a remarkable joy and laughter that accompanies this changing moments. The birthday brings a new life so to say. Life becomes a celebration. Watching the change itself helps us reach out and help the child walk, play, eat and learn. The joy when the toddler says yeah i did it, i can now walk by myself, is a moment that helps all adults smile. We know that each time every child learnt to walk, it was normal, and another life joined in to walk with us. This is easy to understand. But even as people growup, and work to find education, jobs, things change. How often have people cheered adults who stood up to walk by themselves? Children keep learning and adults struggle. We hear of lack of opportunities, hunger, poverty, all the other social struggles when people seem to be worn down by the ever changing moments they encounter. The pace slows down, the dynamics of cheering the little one who stood up on his/her own to walk becomes invisible in a tapestry of illusive expectations. The temporary goals come to cross roads with many different activities and directions. Life becomes complex. And it changes all the time. So how does one get to the truth?

How does the celebration continue ... ? The complexity of life is simplified if only, we remember, with every moment to recognize, life is precious. A t times like a melody, or a dance or colors on a canvas, life lives in time the human plays a role in a limited stage, This time and space dresses us with possibilities of mothers fathers, sisters brothers, friends, workers, artists, children, which requires us to step back and forth, a track where we run around many times over learning to sprint. Yet ask the ones who have run a marathon, they trained differently, ask the ones who danced on stage they practiced each day a movement with care, they know how to stay on stage, and not to fall off the edges, ask the one who played a sport, each day they worked on themselves to address the qualities they wish to perfect. But today we are encountered in the world by a new challenge. Not all places had opportunities for living even when talents are practiced. The time and space had been spent struggling and barely making ends meet to provide few simple basics. A place people just try to get by each day with one another, where talents to live and celebrate or living to sustain celebrations barely meet, or emotions struggle and collide with inabilities to understand one another, this is when the great sayings come to light. It makes a stark contrast between living, and abundance, truth and elusive creation, and often life seeking a balance where Truth remains hidden, and creation is seen as changes over time, seemingly lost in its ability to recognize, or help sustain life. Now go back and see the toddler struggling to stand on its own feet, we can ask ourselves is it a new learning curve we are passing through? What is it we can do? So it logically falls into place, if we see another struggle all we can do is help one another stand and walk along with us.

So now look back at Brahmam Sathya, Jagat mithya ( the translation is The Eternal is Truth, the changing world is the illusion)- implying- The Divine is Truth and creation changes- And in the change life happens, Birth and death, growing and changing, possibilities and struggles, so life remains precious with purpose and hidden truth.

What is it people look at - Talent, opportunity, living, sustenance, happiness, possibilities, What is the truth? Truth seems hidden in possibilities, but often opportunities do change. For parents the challenge is to help children and themselves to enable talents that guide a child to find their happy place, sustain their possibilities, and happiness help them to see that truth reveals itself only when they also help others in need. This happens only when they themselves can find they are able to balance their lives. Sometimes a child could be the older soul helping a parent walk back again. A sacred universe where help remains for all our needs. When adults know how not to fall off the stage; they learn that life with all its struggles had a better, purpose, possibilities and opportunities to help them. Often this was possible when communities stayed together to help one another. But when adults are barely coping with struggles of health, and trying to pay for the needs, many just pursue possibilities to find income that helps to sustain life and many other aspects of life are not sustained. As Gandhiji often said- 'there is always enough for every ones need'. But when families move further away, parents are left with minimum resources to help children and all time and resources are spent to provide just for food shelter, clothing education to find jobs that pay for food shelter and clothing, what we see is the seasonal movement alone. The celebrations each year bring anxious moments to adults hoping the children would find the moment of joy amidst their struggles. People collect, or hoard more than they really need, because they have been subject to inconceivable struggles. But some who have known the struggles give all they can, hoping that another does not struggle as they did. Simplicity becomes a uphill task in a complex world, that requires more efforts from children, with limited opportunities and possibilities is a big uphill task of reaching cliffs that have very few possibilities beyond without supportive communities, families, or surroundings.

What is the truth that would set people free? Is it illusion that people chase- i think not; Is it opportunities people chase?- i think not; Is it power, money, fame, talent,... all these have limited possibilities and are a top of just one of the many mountains people can truly climb. What do you do once you reach the top, we also have to teach our children that life in the valleys and a climb to the top are both a part of living, balancing and learning. Just as a toddler who learns to run tries to open the doors and run away into the streets, may be lost, Adults too need to help children find their way home. Friendly places always helped every adult and child find heir way around and back home safely. So we walk each day in the vast ocean of humanity.

Deep within, even as the effort is made, and one reaches the higher places with clouds that float right across your nose, even as the fog clears, and sun shines, the joy of climbing remains. In every effort, each life finds itself by doing something that brings this view, helping another in the vast humanity with a possibility beyond competing, but always knowing the truth that we can learn to do something that helps us walk higher without hurting one another, There are many who have walked before us and they do wait for us as we learn to standup on our own as a toddler trying to find our feet and balance. The truth that remains in the vast humanity is not who can standup first, or topple the other standing up, but truly who provides the nurturing care to help each one walk on our own feet and know that it is the normal thing to do! Seen from a parents view, people helped one another even as their toddlers started to walk, if we could do it then, can't we do it as adults without wars? Siblings might have fought over toys, but a parent always helped them to share and work with things each day. And even as we see the toddlers walk and run we do learn life can be a great big celebration, fun, and a birth of a child that joined the vast ocean of humanity.

So we travel with opportunity of life given to each of us, with different possibilities. What we do helps us bring possibilities to our surroundings. What we take without hurting another, and ensuring they can help themselves brings many more possibilities. Sathya SaiBaba often said 'Help Ever Hurt Never' "love All Serve All' 8 simple yet profound words that resonates Truth Eternal in a creation that alludes to hidden truth. What is the Truth that reveals this beauty of life, we each try to seek. But it does always set us free, and helps us know the Divine is truth and hidden in creation that is ever changing Mithya (illusion- not untruth) is the possibility to help us find and set ourselves free.


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