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6 Commandments Every Bride should follow

Updated on November 26, 2014

When the wedding date is finally fixed, there’s a lot that goes through the to-be bride’s mind. There’s so much planning and shopping to do! It’s quite a stressful time, for the bride’s family and, most of all, for the bride. However, in order to stay sane and not get swayed by over-enthusiastic relatives and preachy friends, there are certain things every bride should keep in mind. We can call these pointers life-saving commandments, tips that help every bride get through wedding preparations without losing her sanity or sleep. Want to know what these pearls of wisdom are? Read on to find out!

Image courtesy: bridalifestyle
Image courtesy: bridalifestyle

Thou shall place thy desires above other’s opinions:

In our eagerness to throw a well-liked, memorable party, we often buy into everything the wedding planner suggests, or abide by everything a know-it-all aunt says. Refrain from doing this because, the wedding is yours and only yours. So, always choose the colour combination you like, the pattern you think flatters you, the dishes that appeal to your taste buds. Your wedding is your special day and don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Thou shall not blindly follow fads:

No matter how ‘in’ a trend might be, or how ‘rad’ it might be to sport it, do not hail it as the best if it doesn’t suit you. If you want to look great on your wedding day, you need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. So, opt for an outfit that flatters your figure and suits your personality. The same rule applies for your makeup and hairstyle.

Thou shall start preparations well in advance:

Things done in a hurry never have very good outcomes, and when it comes to planning an event as big as a wedding, this surely holds true. Hence, start your preparations at least 6 months in advance, and this applies not only for the venue and menu selections, but also for things like skin grooming, trousseau planning and other wedding-related engagements.

Thou shall not transform thyself into another person:

In a bid to look perfect in photographs, sometimes the bride smears on so much makeup that she actually ends up looking different. Resist the urge to cake on makeup as you want to be recognized in your photographs. Also, although a favourite celeb of yours looked gorgeous on her wedding day, don’t obsess over her look so much that you try to look like her clone! Stay original and focus on highlighting your best features.

There’s a big difference between a well done-up face and an overly done-up face. Get your makeup right on your big day by leafing through the virtual pages of this Indian Bridal Makeup Guide!

Thou shall not indulge in harmful weight-loss strategies like crash diets:

This rule ties in with the one on starting preparations early. Give your body a sufficient amount of time to lose weight. Join a gym or start a diet plan well in advance so that your body gets time to lose the right amount of weight the right way. Crash diets might help you lose weight quickly, but they’re extremely harmful for your body. Also, focus on getting fit and not thin.

Thou shall keep aside time to de-stress everyday:

Wedding preparations can drive you insane. As you near the main day, you’ll realize that all you do is think, talk and worry about your wedding and preparations for the same. Over-thinking leads to a lot of stress and this will take a toll on your health. It’s a special day and you deserve to feel happy about walking down the aisle. To de-stress, spend some time not thinking about the wedding each day. Keep this as your “wedding-free” time and indulge in fun activities to take your mind of the wedding.

Well, these were 6 golden rules to help every bride enjoy, and not stress over, the most significant event in her life. Also, remember that it is your special day and that you deserve to be treated like a princess on this day. So, no matter what, always see to it that your priority is you!

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