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Bridal Shower Card Messages & Wishes

Updated on January 8, 2015
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There’s no time quite as special in any woman's life than her wedding day! Next to this is her bachelorette party and bridal shower! That’s right, weddings are so important that the bride should be celebrated three times!


Bridal Showers

Most women dream of the day where they are the blushing bride in the center of attention, in a beautiful gown, shining from head to toe! It’s a time many of us look forward to, so when gifting something to the bride, always include a special card.

Bridal showers are a tradition of gift-giving in anticipation of the impending wedding. Although the bride and groom will undoubtedly receive many gifts for their wedding, this is a day that is to celebrate the bride only while showering her with gifts, most commonly for the home. Oh, and let’s not forget about a little somethin’ somethin’ to wear on her wedding night!

Often times, bridal shower guests will opt to purchase a gift card rather than a present from the bridal registry. It’s still a nice gesture and allows her to use it as she pleases. Regardless of the type of gift you will be giving, a greeting card is a must!


What to Say in a Bridal Shower Card?

If you walk into any Hallmark store, you’re bound to find rows and rows of cards specifically for wedding occasions, including bridal showers.

Your best bet is to either pick a blank one with a nice picture on front to write in your own bridal shower card messages, or make your own by hand (if you’re the crafty type).

Just how do you write your own bridal shower card messages though?

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Memories: If you’re invited to be a part of the bridal shower, then it is likely that you are close to the bride and have shared many happy memories with her. Include some silly or tear-jerker memories with the bride-to-be!

  • Happy thoughts: All bridal shower cards should contain nothing but happy thoughts. Be sure to steer clear of “you’ll be sorry you’re getting married” messages, along with bringing up any kind of negative events.

  • Good luck: Marriage is hard and takes a lot of work! Wish her all the luck she will need to keep that fire burning!

  • Wedding/marriage advice: Give positive and constructive marriage advice or advice that may be particularly helpful on her wedding day. “Don’t forget the rings!” (This seriously happened to me and we had to turn back around; I was late for my own wedding!)


Which do you prefer?

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Bridal Shower Card Messages

Now that you’re an expert bridal shower card writer and all, it’s time to look at a few example bridal shower card messages. It’s always good to have a few words to work off of in case of the ol’ writers block.

  • Weddings are such a special event. Although it all may seem stressful now, embrace it because it will be over before you know it! Congrats beautiful bride-to-be!

  • Weddings happen when one lucky girl and one lucky guy meet. That is definitely one lucky guy! I can’t wait to hear those “I-do’s!”

  • Always remember: So as long as you have love, you have EVERYTHING. Congratulations!

  • Showering you with gifts and love on your special day! Congratulations bride-to-be!

  • Wishing you nothing but love and happiness from this day forward! Happy shower!

  • Congratulations on finding that one special person. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together!

  • Wishing you a perfect wedding day full of cheers and happy tears! Congratulations!

  • May the rest of your days being single be stress-free and pampering to the bride-to-be! Congrats!

  • We all knew from day one that you two would be getting married. Congratulations to such a happy and perfect couple!

  • Marriage is like a garden: From time to time, it needs to be weeded and special care needs to be taken for the fruits to prosper! Take good care of each other and congratulations!

  • Wishing you a lifetime of happiness with the man of your dreams! Congrats to you!

  • May you always find light in your marriage even through the darkest of times. Congratulations.

  • Sending the warmest of wishes for a bright and beautiful wedding day. May the beautiful bride not be stressed!

  • Thinking of you and how beautiful you are, just picturing you in that white gown! Congratulations on your impending marriage!

These are the kinds of bridal shower card messages that she will look back on and fondly recall the big day. Let your love pour out!

Handmade Wedding Dress Card


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