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Bringing Gifts to Dinner When Invited to Someone's House

Updated on November 30, 2010

I recently came across this topic elsewhere in my daily perusal of the Internet, and I found it funny that it had to be addressed.  Don't people already know that that is just part of being polite when you are invited to dinner?

It can be easy to take it for granted when someone cooks you a meal, especially if you live at home with your parents, or have a spouse who does the majority of the cooking in your house.  But whether you are eating at home or are going out to someone else's, you should always commend the cook and show your thanks in some way.  You can help wash/dry the dishes or set the table at home, and if you are a dinner guest elsewhere, bring a beverage, a dessert, or something to contribute to the evening's feast.  Also, if the hosting family has children, it might not hurt to keep them in mind with what you are bringing - so that they can either also enjoy what you bring along, or perhaps you can give them something of their own - such as with small chocolates or candies, stickers, or a game they can play together (even if you are in a hurry, you can find little inexpensive treats at the grocery store checkout or at a Dollar store).  Not having much money is simply not an excuse to arrive without your token of appreciation at being invited to someone's home!  At the very least, your host or hostess might appreciate fresh-cut flowers or a festive candle for the dining table.


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