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Budget Holidays: Book Holiday Caravans Direct With Owners

Updated on October 12, 2016
Budget Holidays - Book Holiday Caravans Direct with Owners.
Budget Holidays - Book Holiday Caravans Direct with Owners. | Source

If you're looking for budget holidays, one great way to save money is to book holiday caravans direct with owners. Economising on your holiday in this way doesn't mean you get a lesser holiday, just that you save money on the one you'd have chosen anyway!

Most of the big, national holiday parks and holiday caravans aren't owned by the camp site at all; they're individually owned by private owners. The owners of these holiday caravans rent them out through the office of the holiday park - paying a hefty fee for the privilege too!

Paying the fee, for the owner, can sometimes be expensive or just annoying. They might wish to drop the price of their caravan to make it more competitive, but they can't because of the fees. Many holiday caravan owners are increasingly renting out their holiday caravans direct to the holidaymakers and there are several great websites that enable you to find these holiday caravans at a discount, giving you a budget holiday!

You can, quite literally, be booking the same caravan - but at up to 20% off, if you book a holiday caravan direct with the owner.

Book Holiday Caravans Direct With Owners - Handy List

I've put together the following list of holiday caravans that can be booked direct with the owners. I hope you find it useful.

  • Some of these holiday caravan owners will have bought the caravan for their own family to use - and they use the income from renting it out to pay their own annual site fees and bills.
  • Others have no use for their family holiday home this year, so are renting it out while they consider selling.
  • Some people buy holiday homes specifically to rent out to other people - indeed, some people might have 20-30 or more!

You'll notice that the links above include some of the top, national names in holiday parks - and by booking direct you can get some substantial discounts.

Holiday Caravans Direct with Owners on eBay

eBay is another great place to pick up a holiday bargain, usually booking direct with owners for their holiday caravans.

Many ads on eBay enable you to book months in advance - but where you can really get a budget holiday is to snap up a last minute deal right before you're ready to leave home!

Handy Checklist When You Book Holiday Caravans Direct With Owners

Sometimes owners aren't the best at marketing and advertising their holiday caravans, so here's a handy checklist of some things you can ask them and things to check on when you make your booking:

  • Is there any charge for parking one car? What about additional cars?
  • Is there a clubhouse? Is there a pool? Do you need to buy extra "passes" or permits to use these, how much do they cost?
  • Are all the facilities and entertainment open for the dates of your booking?
  • Is linen included? If not, can it be rented and for how much?
  • At what time does your booking commence?
  • What time do you have to vacate on your last day?
  • How much deposit do they need now?
  • When will the final and full payment be due?

I'm sure you can think of some of your own specific queries, but those are some for you to think about when you make your booking direct with owners.


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    • earner profile image

      Dedicated Content Curator 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      saker06 - I've approved your content. When I next update this article I'll take a closer look at what's on offer on the site for inclusion in the list above.

    • kafsoa profile image

      kafsoa 6 years ago

      Good advice, when I get enough money for holiday ;)