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Bug Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on September 27, 2012

Celebrate with a bug birthday party theme. Kids love bugs the cute ones and the gross ones! Read through some of the ideas that might help you to host the best bug party possible. Cake and cupcake ideas, decorations, supplies, games and more!


Butterfly Cake Pan

How to make an inchworm cake

Bug Birthday Party Cake and Cupcakes

There are so many great cakes you can do for a bug birthday party! Does you kid have their favourite bug? You could be making that! Some of the more popular bug cake choices are;

  • butterfly cake - there are lots of butterfly cake pans available to help you make the perfect cake. You can also make the cake from a round cake - bake it and slice it to two half circles and that way you will get the wings.
  • ladybug cake - another popular one! You can make if from your round cake mold, cover with red fondant (or butter cream frosting) and add 7 black spots and a face
  • ant cake - you can try making a simple ant cake from 3 round cakes (as body) and lots of cupcakes set as legs
  • inchworm cake - this one is awesome and really easy to make.You can see the instructions in the "How to" video on the right.
  • bee hive cake - you can get a bee hive cake pan that will help you create this awesome cake
  • spider cake - not my favourite pick but you could do a cake with a cobweb detail on it and an incy bincy spider on it.


  • you can decorate the cupcakes with various candy and fruits to make bugs (m&m's, grapes, oreos, cherries...) - some of the ideas you can see on the How to make an inchworm video
  • you can get some cute bug cupcake molds
  • cupcake toppers shaped like bugs (edible or not) will be fun



Bugs and grass and flowers!

Create bugs out of cardboard or even better out of balloons! You can get some nice bug shaped foil balloons of pretty much every bug but I think creating them from regular latex balloons can be more cost effective and look even greater. You can make ladybug balloons - use red balloons and glue on black spots (out of paper). Let your imagination run wild as you use balloons of different colors and sizes with colorful paper. To get you started here are some tutorials on how to make bugs and animals.

Green crepe streamers should be all over the place as they can represent the grass.

Green tablecloth is a must!


Bug birthday games and activities

  • face painting - this is a must, kids will love it and adults will be able to give their creativity and artistic skills a go. Butterflies, bees, flies everything goes!
  • pin the bug on a flower - pin the tail on a donkey with a bug twist
  • bug quiz - have a quiz about bugs where kids can compete in teams. Have questions like which bug makes honey, how many legs does a spider have, how many spots does a lady bug have... Fun and educational.
  • buzzing contest - have the kids compete who can buzz the longest without taking another breath
  • spiders and flies - chose one kid to be the spider and others are the flies. Spider takes one side of the play field and the flies take another. One of the adults has to give the go signal and then the flies start running on the other side and so does the spider. Spider tries to catch one or more flies (he or she has to grab them). All the flies that were caught now become spiders too (spiders need to hold hands when they catch flies). One of the adults gives another go sign and flies and spiders switch sides again, flies trying to evade spiders as they cross and spiders trying to catch flies on their way. The last fly "alive" is the winner.


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