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Business Gift Ideas for Your Male Boss: Gift Suggestions for Christmas

Updated on September 2, 2009

Countdown to Christmas!

As the old cliché goes, Christmas is just around the corner, and before you know it, you are rushing from one store to another trying to complete your Christmas gift list. You already told yourself that it will not happen this time, this year; you’ve had this exact same scenario happen to you last year and the year before that so now you don’t want to be one of those crazy shoppers who pay double the amount for a certain item, just because it is the ideal gift for one person on your list.

What, exactly, is an ideal gift? Particularly for those people you give gifts to regularly, say your family and friends, and your colleagues from the office, and most specially your boss. You give them something year after year after year, you’ve gotta run out of ideas sometime.

An ideal gift has to have 3 characteristics:

  • It’s proper for the occasion and the recipient
  • It’s proper for the relationship of the recipient and the giver
  • It will be appreciated by the recipient

So you’re probably thinking, they’d appreciate your gift no matter what that is, but trust me, there is “appreciate” and there is appreciate. That’s why the term “recycled gifts” was invented, so that gifts “appreciated” by the recipient can better be appreciated by another person. You know what I mean.

Suffice it to say, there are different levels of appreciation and you want to go for the highest level. So here are some gift suggestions for you to consider. For this discussion we will focus on business gifts for your boss.

1. Bobblehead Dolls

Bobblehead dolls are one of the safest and gift ideas for men and you can certainly have it as a Christmas gift for your superior. It is very appropriate, and you can expect a hearty laugh once that head is let out of the box.

Bobbleheads range from very affordable to expensive, so you have a lot to choose from for your Christmas gift.

You might want to do a little research about your boss' preference to make it a more unique gift. If your boss is a Trekkie, then there are Star Trek bobbleheads. If he is with the Force, however, there are Star Wars bobbleheads to make him happy everyday - who knows, it might even give him the wisdom to give out a big fat bonus, hoorah!

A very unique gift idea will be customized bobbleheads. Make sure though that your boss can take a good joke, since this might present a complication - you know, bobbleheads do have a very large head.

2. Corkboards

Okay, you might think "What, corkboards? For a Christmas gift? So blah!" But think again. Corkboards are both functional and decorative and the fact that it is very portable makes it a highly favored business companion.

Now you need to be a little creative in giving this gift. Don't just give a brown corky corkboard. You can spice it up by perhaps posting a nice note from you or the team, some pins with unique designs, or a picture of your latest teambuilding activity and your boring corkboard is now a personalized corkboard.

Corkboards are advantageous not only for your boss but for you and the team as well - you can stick some notes to it and your boss will definitely pay attention.

3. Picture Frames

Who doesn't want a photo frame?! Picture frames are great for preserving memorable moments, whether it's a personal or business. Picture frames make for a great Christmas gift idea for men because they can also hold awards, certificates, pictures of an incredible sales report, or a news clip featuring your organization.

Again, you need to channel some creativity when giving out this particular gift idea. You might want to create a collage of your photos, news clips, even notes from people in the office.

Photo frames are great gift ideas for men, because it can be used in the office or at home. What's more, you'll surely make your boss' wife, mother or partner with this wonderful gift. Think about it, when you're moving from one place to another, aren't photo frames the first to be packed?

4. Digital Photo Album

Now this is a very innovative invention, if I ever see one. Combining technology and people's love for memories, a digital photo album is a great way to view all your images, in all their high resolution glory!

Nowadays, there seems to be a renewed interest in photography, particularly digital photography, which just means that people have become more appreciative of the everyday beauty about them. Certainly in the Philippines there is a major increase in interest in everything photography. With the onslaught of digital cameras, and cellular phones having their own cameras, this is not a wonder.

While printing photos and keeping them in albums will still probably be the best option for many people, a digital photo album is a great way to enjoy photographs and at the same time entertain people. Like all the other gifts mentioned, this can be used for business or for personal purposes.

Thousands and thousands of photographs can be displayed in this unique Christmas gift, and you can personalize the holiday gift by storing images of you, your boss and your team.

5. A Wine Holder

Not a wine, but a wine holder - for many reasons. A wine is something very personal, and also very sensitive. If you are not sure about your boss' preference, you might find it a bit hard to give wines as a Christmas gift. What if he doesn't like the kind, and the brand?

A safer holiday gift, then. will be a wine holder. Choose one that is stylish, and will make for a nice décor with or without the wine. Think as well of its storage requirements - go for something that will be easy to store when your boss runs out of wines.

Again, wine holders can both be used in the office or at home. In the office, it can signify a target. Place a really special wine on it and tell the team that you will all open it once you reach - or top - your key result areas and you'll surely have one motivated team.

Do you give Christmas gifts to your bosses?

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Picking holiday gifts for your male boss shouldn't be so hard. You just need to add a little spice, a little personality, a little "you" to your gift and you will surely make your boss happy, which in turn will make you happy.

Functional gifts that are sentimental, too, will have a long lifetime, indeed. So start making your gift shopping now, so you can finally just relax and enjoy the people towards the rest of the season.

Merry Christmas!


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    • PiaC profile image


      7 years ago from Oakland, CA

      I'd heard that gifts for coworkers or bosses had to be consumables - bottles of wine, box of candy etc. Glad to hear that this is not the case!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      my boss is leaving us after a 1year and a half. He's not he director but he was our manager and the best among 3 other managers, i have no idea what to get.

    • mommyfreelancer profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philippines

      I have made the necessary changes, Dohn. Thank you as always for watching my back! :)

      Love the new avatar. :)

    • dohn121 profile image


      9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      What a great idea for a hub, mommyfreelancer! I love the way you think. I'm certainly not a very good gift giver but am working on it. My parents are the absolute worst people to shop for, as they don't want anything and never seem to be impressed with anything my siblings and I give them! Thank you for sharing!

      Oh, I noticed this (I hope you don't mind my pointing this out) :

      If your boss is a Trekkie, then there is there are Star Wars bobblehead to make him happy everyday...

      This should be replaced with "Star Trek."



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