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Butterfly Costume Wings

Updated on January 10, 2011

Butterfly Costume Wings For Everyone!

Butterfly costume wings can be used for several different purposes. From dressing up with friends, to use for a costume at a school play to dressing up for Halloween. Butterfly costume wings are always in season!

Keep reading below to see some lovely butterfly costume wings that you can pick up today!

A Bit About Butterfly Costume Wings

Butterfly costume wings come in all sizes. From child sizes to adult sizes. You can find several different patterns and colors of butterfly costume wings, so finding a pair to match your, or your child's costume shouldn't be too hard of a task.

Something you will want to take into account when looking at butterfly costume wings is that they are usually very fragile, so when looking at butterfly costume wings for a young child, especially if they are going to be used more then once you will want to consider the quality of the wings.

Where To Buy Butterfly Costume Wings?

If you are looking to buy butterfly costume wings then you should know that they can be found pretty easily in several different places. Of course if you are lucky enough to have a year round costume stop near you they are sure to carry them. If it is around Halloween time then almost anyplace that carries any costumes is sure to have costume wings of some kind.

If you are looking to easily pick up some butterfly costume wings then personally I would recommend shopping online. I live in a small town myself and I know how difficult it can be to find what you are looking for in regular stores. Online shopping is always my solution.

You can find many pairs of lovely butterfly costume wings in online stores. One of my favorite places to pick up all the costumes and costume accessories that I need is a site called They have a great selection of product and I have had great costumer service in my experience.

Below are some butterfly costume wings that I have gathered for you to look at. Hopefully you will find something you like!

Child Size Pink Butterfly Wings From BuyCostumes.
Child Size Pink Butterfly Wings From BuyCostumes.

Pink Butterfly Costume Wings

These butterfly costumes wings are in a pretty pink color and child sized. They would be perfect for your little girl.

These pink butterfly wings feature a lovely furry pink trim around them and a sparkly pink wing design. They wings are for children 3 years and older.

The measurements for these pink butterfly costume wings is 12inches tall by 16 inches wide. The wings are made from polyester and nylon materials.

Fly away with these lovely butterfly wings for children!

Black Butterfly Wings From BuyCostumes
Black Butterfly Wings From BuyCostumes

Black Butterfly Costume Wings

These black butterfly costume wings are for adults.

No matter if your costume is a dark and wicked fairy or a mysterious butterfly your costume would sjut not be completely without these lovely dark butterfly costume wings.

The black butterfly wings are made from a black sheer fabric with silver glitter trim around them and well as silver glitter designs on the wings themselves.

These butterfly costume wings are a one size fits all and will fit most adults. The wing measurements are 30 1/2 inches tall by 32 inches wide. 80% polyester and 20% metal.

Pink Adult Butterfly Wings from BuyCostumes. -Coming Soon!
Pink Adult Butterfly Wings from BuyCostumes. -Coming Soon!

Pink Adult Butterfly costume Wings

These lovely pink butterfly costume wings are for adults as well.

Pink butterfly shaped wings, with pink glitter designs, and dark pink and blue accents. These butterfly wings for adults have shoulder straps that are connected to a red base. Are made to be easy to wear.

These beautiful butterfly wings will help any costume take flight!

These butterfly costume wings are not available quite yet, but they will be really soon over at BuyCostumes. You can click over and see if they are available yet.

Above this are some butterfly costume wings choices from which is another online site that is good for finding what you need.

Butterfly costume wings are lots of fun to add to a Halloween costume, or costume for a party/ Butterfly wings may be needed for a school play. Or maybe they are just a lot of fun to have for your child to use in their dress up play.

The butterfly wings in the picture above are available over at BuyCostumes, Go See Butterfly Wings! 

Hopefully you have found what you were looking for and no matter the event for your butterfly wings, enjoy!


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