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Buy A Gift For Kids, Car Ride And Drive An Electric Remote Control Toy

Updated on April 9, 2012

Buy the best cars for kids as something really worthwhile! Buy a gift that is special for that special child. Cars for kids are fun, fun, fun! Get involved in that electric mayhem and let them zoom off into a world a imagination!

Sit on electric vehicles are so much more. They make a very memorable gift whilst teaching children to play and act just like those who drive the family cars. What more can a child want but to feel just like an adult and take control over their movement. Role models are important to kids, and they just love to emulate them!

Battery powered cars for kids often have more than just the driving experience. Many have safety features including a remote control to help them steer on the right path, operated by adults. These toy cars are more than just a toy, as you will find out in the article!

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Considering the prices of gaming, PlayStation's, Nintendo hand-helds and the renowned x boxes, electric cars for kids are a novel, fun way to add some spice in the life of the child who has everything.

Adult aspirations can now be found for the small person - Lamborghini, Mini Cooper and Mercedes, to name but a few. Ran on electric - battery power of this nature is no hen - many of these vehicles can be sat on and operated for safety with a remote control; keeping your darling on track without straying into unknown territories! Unless you want to go on tougher terrain with the Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep by Fisher Price.


Kids Car Recommendation: Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep by Fisher Price

  • This tough talking (with microphone) vehicle holds up to two children, runs on 12-volt rechargable battery and blurts out rocky tunes. It has a real voice amplifyer, drives two speeds from 2.5 whizzing to 5 mph (max) and holds a large rear storage area for those essential bits and pieces. With the benefit of reverse, this vehicle has the benefit of a high speed lock out and power lock brakes particularly for consideration of the beginner driver and overall safety! 

>>>>>>>> Click on The Link >>>>>>

  • This vehicle has 5 Star Reviews from very satisfied customers with words like 'awesome', 'highly recommend' and '5-star educational' to whet your appetite! Take a look at this amazing vehicle!

New Kids Ride On Toy Car - Electric 6 V

Maybe your little tyke is a little bit more racy in his or her style. Kids like cars however fast, but this little beauty really is ultra sexy!

Kids Ride on Sports Car has a remote control and can hold up to 75 pounds in weight, so it is suitable for children from 3 - 7! It has a drivable MP3 with a sound and light specification that would be the envy of adults, yet alone kids! Music, car sounds and ACTION, this picture of loveliness has a top speed of 2-3 mph. It even has chrome rims - would you believe it? WOW!

>>>>>>>> Click on The Link >>>>>>

  • 6V Dry Cell Battery 4.5 AH
  • 8-10 Hr Charge Time for Battery Ride on Time 1-2 Hrs
  • Dimension: L 44" x W 24" x H19" CHROME RIMS
  • Manuel & Charger Included
  • Remote control: Reverse, right, forward, left or even drive allow the child to drive the car themselves!

This really is a well priced piece of travel kit, that can drive any child insane! (lol, sorry for the pun!).

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Kid Trax 1960 Mercedes 300SL Electric Ride On

Swoooooooooon! Look at this gorgeous red lady! You can't beat a classic and this is one born from 1960! Isn't this Mercedes 300SL something to die for?! Well, if this has had that sort of reaction on me, what will the owner of this sweetness feel?!

This car has 4 and 5 star raves and this is what Kanazeah - a 5 star reviewer - said:

'This car is exactly as described. The assembly consists of putting on the wheels. That's all. Then charge it, and it lasts for days. It is perfect for our three year old and her younger brother together. I would definitely recommend it.'

>>>>>>>> Click on The Link >>>>>>

  • Rearview mirror, left side mirror and seatbelt.
  • 12Volt electrical system,
  • 12 speed transmission: 2.5 mph, 5mph and 2.5mph in reverse.
  • Real Working FM Radio, Sounding Horn & working headlights
  • Exact reproduction vintage dash and car interior
  • "Pop Up" front hood (Twist Benz logo to release)
  • Rubber traction strips included

Again, another reasonably priced electric car for kids - what more can you want?

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Buy A Gift - Buy A Car!

Buy a gift that will please.  A gift that will be the envy of the kids in the street and one that will provide endless fun.  Here, I will show you the what I would consider the best car.  Not quite as flashy as the previous two and not as certain as the first (4x4 style) but just as great, if not subtle.  What am I going to say?  Yes, the good old Mini Cooper!  It's flash, it is understated but boy, it is a real cor blimey, as would be said in the Italian Job!

This electric ride on car, has a remote control for the adults whilst the child learns how to operate it.  Weighing less than 30 kg, this is easily maneovable so as it can be relocated if desired. Boasting a 6 v motor and a 6 v battery, this is just enough power for the little one to travel on a 2 - 3 km per hour.  Front lights actually light up and is suitable for a child of 2 Years + to drive! 

And - WOW - What a PRICE!  Bag This Bargain, Whilst You Still Can!

>>>>>>>> Click on The Link >>>>>>

  • 2-3km/hr Speed
  • 105 x 60 x 47cm Size of vehice
  • blue or red available
  • IC sound
  • Remote Control

This 5 Star electric car has been given the thumbs up and has been described as one of the hottest electric ride on cars this side of the water. Here is what Jack's Grandma says about it after her purchase:

'Gave this to our grandson for his 2nd birthday and he absolutely loves it! The remote control feature allows an adult to "drive" him around until he figures out how to use the pedals for himself. Because of that, this will be something he will be able enjoy for a long time.'

So there has been no disappointments with Jack, eh? Wonderful toy, wonderfully fun!

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Electric Ride On Cars for Kids - The Best Of The Rest

So, now I have shown you what is considered the best quality and value for money - yet alone the shear loveliness of these children's cars, what are the best of the rest?

In this section I show you some great electric ride on cars for kids - all have been tried, tested and have been selected for good value.  All you need to do is see which one rocks your boat - and remember, Amazon tend to be the best for value, delivery and customer services.  You will know that by looking at some of my other articles on that focus on special gifts - scroll down for more on this!

However, here are the best of the rest - zoom! zoom!

  • National Products Ltd. 6V Battery Operated Mini Cooper Ride - On Blue

>>>>>>>> Click on The Link >>>>>>

  • Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

>>>>>>>> Click on The Link >>>>>>

  • Power Wheels Ford Mustang

>>>>>>>> Click on The Link >>>>>>

  • Power Wheels Ford F-150

>>>>>>>> Click on The Link >>>>>>

  • National Products Ltd. 12V Battery Operated Dual Passenger 4 X 4 Red

<<<<<<<< Click on The link <<<<<<

  • Excalibur Electronics Blue Ride-On Car, Model# 9343B

<<<<<<<< Click on The link <<<<<<

  • Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ultimate Terrain Traction Jeep Hurricane

<<<<<<<< Click on The link <<<<<<

  • Peg Perego Polaris Ranger Rzr - 24 Volt

<<<<<<<< Click on The link <<<<<<

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Buying The Best Gift Has Never Been So Much Fun!

Buying the best gift has never been so much fun. I have done the hard work, so you don't have to! Here are some more gift ideas for the family, friends and everyone else who knows you!

Buy The Best Gift For Your Kids - Kids For Cars Are Fun!

When you buy a gift for a child, searching for the right one is the most difficult. Kids love cars, whatever the age. Kids for cars is the mantra and something that us, as adults, can surely understand - we have similar desires too! There are your usual mod cons that many of our children escape into - gameplay and electronics that illuminates - but what we have here is a gift that will immerse kids into a world of adult hood. The best forms of play, are those that emulates us adults and one thing is for sure, children will love any of any of these electric cars that I have recommended above because they are simply the best! This really is the classic toy for any era!

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Breakfastpop - well now you have to find yourself a child, just so as you can buy one of these little beauties and have a go yourself!

    • breakfastpop profile image


      8 years ago

      These cars have always intrigued me.


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