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Best Science Gifts, Buy A Lab Experiment! Forensic Kids Kit That Adults Love Too!

Updated on August 30, 2011

Looking to buy a gift? What about science as the theme? This article shows you the best science gifts. Science gifts and kits are something that attracts boys, girls and adults alike!

Yes, I say adults because, although these presents are often bought with kids in mind, you will quite often find the parents fascinated by the workings of science too.

This is their chance, under the guise of helping their little darlings, to play with these fine sets!

Whether they are budding scientists, potential forensic experts or inventors, there is a great range of kits available to buy.

In this article you won't have to sift through the endless glug of disappointing scientific products - leaving the recipiant feeling let down - because I will be showcasing the best!

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Science: A Fascinating Subject

Science is a fascinating subject. The more you learn, the more you realise how important it is to everyday living. These ideas are essential in any child's (or adult's) development.

Psychologists have long held the view that the best way for many to learn is by experiencing it. By sharing these learning experiences, it emphasises the learning. This is why school education today will encourage group activity. They mix children with varying capabilities in tasks. In doing this, the children are exposed to different ways of learning because we are all individual and, in being so, learn individually too. Mixing up the batch opens kids to diversity.

Mixing children with adults when it comes to science using experiment kits, therefore, enhances the learning experience for the child. Not only that, sharing an experience is a great way to develop bonds and relationships.

When you buy a gift with science in mind, the world opens up to you, the child and those around. Science is, essentially, the world and everything that matters (yes, matter!). Experiment kits, therefore, enhances our understanding of this.

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Buy A Gift: Best Science Kits

Amazon is my favourite place to buy most things.  They are competitively priced, deliveries are second to none and operate a no quibble policy.  They will even do your gift wrapping for you and deliver to anyone you request.  Quite often they offer a free delivery on certain items.  It is not surprising that my research of comparison prices for best science gifts has led me back to Amazon.  It always seems when I want to buy a gift, Amazon always seems to be top of the pops!

I digress... Here are the best science kits that are presently available.

Best Forensic Science Kits

  • Detectolab not only is reasonably priced, it is easily one of the best in this range of forensic science kits. With over 65 activities with fingerprints, secret messages, codes to decipher, chromatography, this kit has everything necessary. Science has its place in forensics and by using this kit, will teach the learner how things are anaylised in the real world. The kit also includes a microscope!

  • Being part of the CSI team hasn't been such fun! Why are certain insects found at scene crimes? This forensic kit comes with 8 activities in forensic entomology. This package includes an insect habitat, two viewing chambers, insect scoop/sifter, flexible net, entomology activity book, magnifying glass, forceps and specimen jar. Priced a little higher than the Detectolab, this kit still provides good value for money and a great learning experience.

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  • DNA ScienceWiz Science Kit is very reasonably priced and teaches kids (8 years +) about the uniqueness of DNA and molecular biology in a fun way. Learning about the building blocks of life is a complex issue for anyone to get their heads around.  However, this kit ingeniously teaches kids with their gene construction game and empowers them to probe and spool read DNA from fruits, amongst other activities. The kit includes basic supplies and a 40-page, fully illustrated manual.

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Science Wiz Light Kit

  • The Science Wiz Light Kit teaches children everything they need to know about light. This set teaches them to build, explore and make discoveries about light. With lots of experiments, they learn to bend and manipulate light, build a kaleidoscope, box a campera, caputure a shadow and make a microscope. Great item - great price!

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Scientific Explorer's Mind Blowing Science Kit for Young Scientists

  • This 5 Star science kit can get a bit messy, but then it is wise to do science together! The manufactor's details tell you this and according to the reviews, this kit does exactly what it says on the tin: 'Erupt a color changing volcano. Mix up magic ooze with a mind of its own. Play with sand that never gets wet. Mix safe chemicals and watch colors change before your eyes. You'll amaze yourself and your friends as you explore the science behind these truly remarkable reactions. This is an exceptional item, exceptionally priced!

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  • This all in one test tube bag has 15 activities to please. The experiments include instant snow, create with waterproof sand and how to use the sun to change the colour beads. You might even be able to create and gorw a test tube dinosaur, whilst making water disappear! This is a rainbow tube (literally) of fun! Don't believe me? Check out the great reviews!!!

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The Best Science Kit: Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750

  • Now this physics award winning baby has 750 experiments that you can perform with 80 parts. There has a sound activatation switch, light controller, radio, lie detector amongst many more. The company has been awarded a multitude of awards including 'Creative Child - Toy of the Year'.

With review comment like this one (amongst 75!) how can you not buy a gift from Snap-Circuits:

  • 'I can't sing enough praise about this toy for the parents of any scientifically minded youngster. While the toy is costly, for sheer "educational and fun" value, I can say we've gotten more bang for our buck out of this toy than any other we've ever bought for our children. It is well worth the price. My nine year old received this toy in February, and I can say while he has played with it almost every single day since, has barely made a dent in all of the possible projects, and still can't get enough of it.'

This version is comes with 73 computer interface experiments and in my opinion is the BEST Science Kit!

Here are some more electronics labortories, all by the same manufacturer and all come highly recommended with a price to suit. I know that if you buy a gift here, you will not be disappointed.

Buy A Gift Of Science That Will Last

Science is a brilliant subject to explore. So many kids are wrapped up in computer games that something practical that deals with experiment can only be a good thing. Why not make learning fun? Buy a gift that is more than just fun! Be the best - buy a gift of science that will last. Learning is for a lifetime, not just for Christmas!

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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Buy A Gift - More Tips And Suggestions

Buying a gift has its forbouys.  If you are finding it difficult in finding those gift ideas, well fear not.  I have a selection of articles that you might be interested in.  If you liked Buy A Gift; Science, then you will like these.  Enjoy!

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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Dallas - it the basis of everything organic and worldly. Such knowledge should not be gone without experiment! Thank you for your contribution.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 

      8 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Science can be fun! As a former science instructor, I wanted students to understand why science, why it is relevant, why it affects your life...


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