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Christmas Ornaments for Lovers of Different Cat Breeds

Updated on April 10, 2022
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I live in Houston and love writing reviews of the local restaurants and stores I visit with family and friends.

Our cat Peaches and friend
Our cat Peaches and friend | Source

Funny Feline Episode

I love purchasing Christmas ornaments and enjoy getting them for the cat lovers who I know will appreciate them. There are just so many cute choices! Cats, just like dogs, come in all sizes, colors, and shapes and have personalities to match.

I grew up in a family with cats and dogs and sometimes birds and fish to add to the excitement. I was not fond of playing with dolls when I was a child, but I loved playing with our cats. Archie and Willie were the pair that I first remember as a juvenile.

Our feline pals, Archie and Willie, were so amenable to being dressed up in doll clothes and being played with until they would finally tire of all that attention and run away from us, sometimes still dressed in those doll clothes.

Long will I remember the day that he, along with Archie, escaped our dressing-up session, and not only did he run away from us, but he caused a bit of excitement. Why? He ran up a telephone pole dressed in some of my doll clothes and did not seem to know how to come back down!

My brothers and I finally got my mother's attention with all the calling of his name. Mother joined in calling and beckoning him to return to ground level.

Her entreaties must have assured Willie. After quite some time (it seemed endless) of calling and encouraging him to come down, he gradually inched his way very slowly backward and then, from a height of ten or twelve feet, he suddenly launched himself into her surprised but waiting arms. Mother undoubtedly sustained a few scratches but was glad to have that episode safely over with Willie again on terra firma.

Our mother told us not to bundle him up in such warm clothes in the middle of the summertime again. Poor guy was probably roasting! Our family has laughed over that episode many times. I am glad to report that it never happened again.

Have you or your children ever dressed your cats in doll clothes?

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Persian Cats

While Willie may not have been a purebred cat, I remember he had soft and long hair, large eyes, and easy-going nature, much like a Persian.

Our Willie was primarily white in coloration, but purebred Persians can come in many different colors.

Regular brushing sessions are for people who own Persian cats. Not only is it mandatory to keep their coats flowing and healthy, but it is also a great bonding time between the owners and their feline companions.

Persian Cat Christmas Ornament Shatter Proof Ball
Persian Cat Christmas Ornament Shatter Proof Ball
This ornament looks a lot like my childhood cat named Willie. It is so much fun to personalize gifts like this ornament. Don't you think that personalizing gifts makes them even more appreciated? I certainly do!

Tabby Cats

Our Archie better fit the description of a tabby cat. Archie was primarily orange-colored, but tabby cats come in many colorings.

The most distinctive feature is the shape of the letter M on a tabby cat's forehead. Tabby cats also have stripes on their faces and bodies similar to the patterns of wild cats. It is not an official breed of cat, but it serves primarily to describe the markings of a coat.

Siamese Cats

The origin of Siamese cats is Asian, as one might suspect from the name. Their sleek coats, lean muscular bodies, triangular-shaped heads, and almond-shaped blue eyes distinguish them from other breeds. While most are short-haired, there also exist long-haired varieties.

Anyone who owns a Siamese cat knows of their distinctive voice as they can be very vocal. They are also very affectionate and love being on the receiving side of petting by their people.

Our next-door neighbors in Wisconsin had a Siamese cat and another little tabby cat as a companion. Their Siamese cat named Sammy used to lie on the hearth of their fireplace in the winter and looked so comfortable warming himself next to the flickering fire.

Maine Coon Cat

According to what I have read, the Maine Coon cat is the official cat of the State of Maine. Did you know that? Amazing the things one can learn here on Hubpages!

They have long flowing coats and possess gentle personalities. They can grow large. Males range from twelve to eighteen pounds, and the females are smaller.

Maine Coon Cat
Maine Coon Cat | Source

Mixed Breeds

There are so many breeds of cats. At the same time, there are many mixtures, all of which are cute.

The two cats in our life right now both came to us as strays. Dusty our male cat, considers himself to be the boss of the house. Our cat Peaches permits him to think that he is the boss, but she has him wrapped around her precious paws.

Our cat Dusty
Our cat Dusty | Source
Our cats Dusty and Peaches
Our cats Dusty and Peaches | Source

Christmas Ornaments

When K9keystrokes commented on my post about Christmas Ornaments for Dog Lovers, he issued a request for doing a similar article for cats. So here it is, K9keystrokes, special just for you!

I'll be adding some to my collection for gift-giving purposes this year and waiting for the appreciative smiles. Does the idea of giving cat Christmas ornaments appeal to your fancy?

Old World Christmas Ornaments: Cat Lover Collection Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree, Calico Cat
Old World Christmas Ornaments: Cat Lover Collection Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree, Calico Cat
My mother once had a cat give birth to five kittens, and one of them was a calico cat. She was such a cute kitten. I have purchased many ornaments similar to this and have used many of them to give as gifts.

Do you have cats or know some cat lovers?

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Wikipedia: Persian Cat

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All About Cats: Maine Coon Cat

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Peggy Woods


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