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Buy Funny Winter Sweaters

Updated on July 14, 2012

Xmas Sweaters

My latest hub was going to be a Amazon promotional effort for people seeking those funny Christmas sweaters and everything was going fabulously until the URLs for knitted Xmas sweaters I found on their store wouldn't appear in my capsules. I am not quite sure why this happened but I really think this is a popular Christmas search amongst you readers planning on attending Christmas parties and capturing everyone's seasonal spirit.

I decided to go ahead with the hub regardless and if you still want to purchase Christmas jumpers on Amazon, I have included some but they aren't the original knitwear sweaters I saw on there by a store called ChristmasJumpers.

Photo courtesy of dpstyles

Christmas Shopping

Many people are searching on Google for ugly sweaters because they find it a challenge who can pick the most unusual one and it livens up any Christmas party with people reminiscing about their grandmas knitting and laughing at how geeky each other looks.

One website that guarantees Knitted Christmas sweaters is or who offer snowmen, Santa, Rudolph or even Elf jumpers, they certainly live up to their page title of 'Silly Jumpers'.

Photo courtesy of dpstyles

Xmas Ideas

After realising this is the only Xmas jumpers page on Hubpages, I hope it has inspired you to try more Christmas costumes for Xmas 2010 and possibly be creative with party ideas. I included the best photos I could find on Flickr and Amazon did turn up some unusual sweater vests and fashionable sweater tee's as you can see to the right.

I am sure you can find the exact sweater you are searching for, whether it be a neck sweater, one with a sleigh which is unique or traditional Christmas card designs on cotton material, there are plenty of websites to choose from including Ebay!

Photo courtesy of lisa_at_home


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    • L.C. Smith profile image

      L.C. Smith 7 years ago from Kentucky

      It's nice to see some overlooked ideas on your hub. Plus, you've made it sound fun to do.

    • ChristinaScibona profile image

      Christina 7 years ago from The Heart of the Finger Lakes

      This is a great hub...very funny...I think that I will go out and get a funny Christmas sweater now! :)

    • colonial82 profile image

      colonial82 7 years ago from Ohio

      Good luck on your 30 in 30 challenge. This was a funny hub, keep up the good work. I added you to follow in support of our common 30 in 30 challenge :)

      Have a great day :)