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Mothers Day is 26th March 2017 in UK and Europe

Updated on January 1, 2017

USA - Canada - Australia - New Zealand

It will be celebrated on 14th May 2017.

I have given a guide to gifts and presents you can buy online. I have also written some special ideas for home made gifts.

Homemade Mother's Day Card
Homemade Mother's Day Card

UK and Europe - 26th March 2017

It is always the fourth Sunday of Lent. And because Easter is also a different date every year so is Lent.

In the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand Mothers Day is always the same date every year. This is the Second Sunday of May. So it is May 14th 2017.

I have given a guide to gifts and presents you can buy online. I have also written some special ideas for home made gifts..


It is a celebration of love and motherhood.

Carnations are the flowers that are associated with it. In Australia a white carnation signifies a son or daughter is celebrating the memory of their mother on this special day. Red or pink carnations are worn by those children who still have their mothers to celebrate the day with.

Mothers Wish List Card

Gifts and presents that children can make for their mother to celebrate this special day

Wishes Card

This gift depends on how old the child is. For the younger children A family member can help with the homemade card and the writing of the wish list.

For a young child the wish list written inside the card could contain things like:

  • I will play nicely with my baby brother or sister.
  • I will help mummy when she does the shopping in the store.
  • I will give you an extra big hug every day.

For a middle age child the wish list written inside the card could contain things like:

  • I will make my bed and tidy my room
  • I will do my homework without being asked
  • I will play with my younger brother and sister when you are busy.
  • I will pick up my dirty laundry

For the teenagers the wish list written inside the card could contain things like:

Teenagers always think of their time as precious so this Mothers Day gift will truly be special coming from them.

  • I will tidy up the garage or garden
  • I will be home on time when asked
  • I will do the laundry for the week
  • I will put the younger children to bed and read them a story

We used to do this for our mother years ago.

It was only recently that she came across the cards that we had written as children.

We all had a great laugh and the memories were very precious too.

A Gift for the Older Mother

There are a lot of older mothers out there who have grown up children and grandchildren. They may be older but these days it is the best time of their life to pursue leisure activities.

Laptop for Senior Surfers

The internet is a marvelous invention that has opened up the world to all of us.

If your older mother has not yet joined the millions of senior citizens all over the world who are experiencing a new freedom by going online why not think about buying a Laptop or IPad for her as a Mothers Day gift.

If there are a number of grown up children in the family the laptop could be bought by a few of them together.

Photo Album

Or if money is tight this year another homemade gift for the older mother is always appreciated. Gather all the old black and white photographs that are most precious to your mother and enlarge them on the laptop.

Most old photos are very small and your mother’s eyes may not be the best. She would appreciate a much larger copy of these old photographs. Print them out with dates and names attached. Put them together in an album for your mother to look at any time she wishes.

Gifts and Presents

A truly special day to celebrate the achievements of mothers all over the world

There are lots of ideas for gifts and presents online. There is plenty of time to think about making your mother feel extra special on Mothers Day this year in 2017.

All Images are the copyright of L.M.Reid

© 2011 L M Reid


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    • almasi profile image

      almasi 6 years ago

      Thanks for the wish list ideas. How perfectly lovely to keep Mother happy long after Mother's day.

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 6 years ago from Northern, California

      Spectacular idea, making a contractual offering for mother's day! What great gift ideas for every mom.


    • profile image

      Jaypramid 6 years ago

      Viking I love that you have included home-made gifts for those that are in financial difficulty. Although I have to say as a Mother I always prefer gifts that have been made or have been thought about. I'd rather have 10 minutes quality time with my grown uup children than any expensive gift.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Great age appropriate gift list. I have always cherished homemade mothers day gifts from my children, esp when they were growing up.

    • jamiecoins profile image

      jamiecoins 6 years ago from ireland

      cool ideas very usefull as i ont know what to get my mum :) great help

    • viking305 profile image

      L M Reid 5 years ago from Ireland

      Yes Mother's Day is very special. I still like to make homemade cards on the laptop for my mum.

      I also put in a lot of thought to my mothers gift. Money spent on a present is not as important as the thought behind it.

    • profile image

      lolo 5 years ago

      i was looking 4 prezzies :( sozz but its not exacly what i was looking 4 :( but it is a gr8 idea


    • viking305 profile image

      L M Reid 4 years ago from Ireland

      I always prefer to make a homemade card for mothers day. My mother likes it better too. Lolo sorry there were no presents here to your taste lol.

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