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Buy Unique Personalized Thank You Gifts | Corporate | Men | Women |Teachers | Baby Shower

Updated on March 15, 2015

The ultimate corporate thank you gift would have to be a vacation. There are some great deals available on Ebay that are sure to please any employee or corporate client you have. 

Unique Personalized Corporate Thank You Gifts

When talking about "Corporate Thank You Gifts" it could be for either employees or even corporate clients. Either way finding unique personalized corporate thank you gifts can be challenging.

You want to give a message of how much their support and loyalty is appreciated. Can you really do that with a pen set or a Tshirt? Not really, unless you are secretly trying to send them on their way.  Although you can't give this type of gift for every goal they reach or job well done, milestones should be celebrated.

To make a lasting impression, you need something unique and more personalized that shows you actually put some thought into the gift. So you start with some simple questions:

  • What is something all business people need or want?
  • What would make them feel appreciated?
  • What might brighten their day when traveling?

Corporate thank you gifts are given as a sign of gratitude and are really only limited by your budget and your imagination.  Some companies reward their employees or corporate clients with unique gifts like vacations, spa trips, increased salary or commission, or anything as long as it says "thank you" for a job well done.These are some great unique personalized gifts but can be a little more expensive.

Another trend that is really popular in corporate gift giving, is gift baskets. There are some really wonderful choices on gift baskets that are personalized to each persons likes or personality. Thank you gift baskets offer a huge variety of products and often are packaged in beautiful baskets, boxes, totes or even tins that can all be used once the products are gone. 

Unique Personalized Corporate Thank You Gift Ideas

Thanh 39's Personalized Rosewood Case and Two Pens for Men
Thanh 39's Personalized Rosewood Case and Two Pens for Men

This set includes a pen case, a roller ball pen and a ball point pen. The case and pens are rosewood.


Unique Personalized Corporate Thank You Gifts for Men

When looking specifically for corporate thank you gifts for men it can get overwhelming. Some of the most popular unique thank you gifts might include anything to go along with BBQ or cooking outdoors, cigar gift sets, liquor decanters, flasks or beer mugs, you might also consider watches or personalized cuff links.

Depending on how well you know the employee or corporate client will help determine which of these gift ideas are best suited.

You really have so many choices other than the same ole' engraved plaques, or office gift sets, just think out of the box and you might be amazed.

Most men will love gifts that have to do with beer, wine, liquor or cigars. If you go with liquor decanters, you might consider the liquor to go with them, be creative!

Wine gift baskets are always a winner as well if you are a little unsure about the specifics. If you go with one of these unique personalized corporate gifts for men, you are sure to be remembered with continued loyalty and support.

Unique Personalized Corporate Thank You Gifts for Women

When looking for unique personalized corporate gifts for a woman, you might consider gifts that would be for traveling or to use on long weekends.

Most women would love any gift baskets that have spa products, or maybe a monogrammed spa robe.

These gift ideas will be remembered not only for that one time "thank you gift" but from time to time as they use them when at home or traveling.

Women love any kind of pampering probably more so than their male counterparts, so any gift idea that involves some type of pampering is the right choice.

If there are local spas in the area, you also might consider a gift certificate for a little extra pampering. You will find many of these packages will include a massage or facial and a manicure and pedicure, it is sure to be a winner!

Think about all of these unique personalized thank you gift ideas and you will surely stand out over the T shirts, pens and sports bottle gifts.

Unique Personalized Thank You Gifts for Men Teachers

Teachers are probably some of the most overlooked when it comes to giving unique personalized thank you gifts.

They are so important in the lives of our children and really deserve to be appreciated with more than just an apple or some inexpensive pen or pencil set.

To show your appreciation for their caring and thoughtfulness without going over the top, there are some great unique thank you gifts.

Here are a few ideas that will make perfect thank you gifts for men teachers. Be creative and have fun!

Wall clocks that are designed for specific subjects like math teachers or chemistry teachers are really cool, you might also consider gift baskets or a personalized set of bookends that are truly unique and thoughtful.

Another very unique thank you gift idea for teachers would be a Kindle wireless reading device. 

Click Here for More
Click Here for More | Source

Unique Personalized Thank You Gifts for Women Teachers

When talking about teachers, we mostly think of grammar school or high school but you might also want to buy a thank you gift for a pre-school teacher.

A great choice for a unique and personalized thank you gift for a women teacher would be a Personalized Throw.

Who doesn't love a throw, we love having an extra one around the house of at school if it is a pre-school or maybe even grammar school.

When you think about how many papers and books that teachers have to carry back and forth between school and home, a nice tote bag could be both practical but unique.

There are different styles available depending on your budget.

Giving a gift basket can also be a unique thank you gift for teachers.

Finding out what some of their favorite things are will help you in picking out the right gift basket. It is a great way to say "Thank You" for all you do for my child!

Baby Shower Hostess Unique Personalized Thank You Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Hostess Thank You Gift Basket
Baby Shower Hostess Thank You Gift Basket

After a remarkable baby shower, send the hostess something thoughtful. After spending hours creating your perfect shower, help her relax and unwind with this unique assortment. Show your gratitude and let her enjoy zesty popcorn, fresh roasted nuts, crisp cheese straws, decadent cookies, savory snack mix and scrumptious mini cookies, only from Gift Basket Factory.


Unique Personalized Thank You Gifts for Baby Shower Hostess

If you are a women then chances are you have been to a baby shower, either your own or someone else's. We all know how much time and thoughtfulness a hostess puts into a baby shower. It takes many heartfelt hours to put it all together and make it a success.

To show your appreciation, you should consider giving a thank you gift. Giving a thank you gift for a Baby Shower Hostess can be fun and guaranteed to make the hostess feel extra special.

A personalized tote bag for your hostess is sure to bring a smile! What woman couldn't use an extra tote bag and having it personalized just for her makes it perfect!

Gift baskets work great and with such a variety to choose from, its easy to find the perfect one. She might be a Starbucks coffee lover, or wine and cheese or maybe she would love one with relaxing spa products. Regardless of what you choose, giving a unique personalized thank you gift for the baby shower hostess will let her know how much her hard work and devotion is appreciated!

Your Favorite Unique Personalized Thank You Gifts

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