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Xbox 360 Kinect or Wii? A mum's review

Updated on May 6, 2015

A completely new way of playing games this Winter! You can play all kind of dance games and sport games with Xbox 360 Kinect without holding any controllers anymore.

Comparison with Wii - No Controllers Needed

Similar with Wii, Xbox 360 Kinect uses a sensor to sense the body movement. However, unlike the sensor of Wii’s, which is sensing the movement of its paired controllers, the sensor of Xbox 360 senses your full-body movement, without any need of using controllers. This means that your hands can be completely free up and make all kinds of movements.

Your movement would be mirrored by the sensor to the game. You can make exactly same dance routine as instructed in the game, since you are the ultimate ‘controller’ in the game; while in Wii, you would be making roughly movements as long as your controller moves the right way.

Built-in WiFi

The new Xbox 360 4GB console has its own built-in WiFi, which allows you to connect to Xbox LIVE with HD entertainment. You can even control playing of movie by your own body movement.

Xbox 360 Kinect Requirements

Basic Requirement for Playing Xbox 360 Kinect

You would need the below to enjoy playing Xbox 360 Kinect

- Xbox 360 Console

- Xbox 360 Kinect

- A space of 6ft between player and the sensor

- You and your family and friends!

Enjoy XBox Kinect Freely with Family and Friends!
Enjoy XBox Kinect Freely with Family and Friends!

Available games for Xbox 360 Kinect

Below are some recommended games for playing with Kinect. All games are with high quality resolution and smooth movements.

Dance Central

This is an exclusive game for Xbox Kinect and as a matter of fact, the first ever real dance game that allows you to move freely to replicate as close as possible to the dance routine. It’s one of the best games for having fun together with your friends and family.

Kinect Sports

With Kinect Sports, you can play ball games like soccer, volleyball, table tennis, or other sports games like track & field, boxing and bowling, just in front of your TV screen, making controller-free movements with your family and friends as a team, or compete against yourself!

Your Shape Fitness Evolved

If you have Wii Fit Plus, this game would not be unfamiliar for you. You can play loads of mini-games, alongside with yoga and other exercises, without limited yourself with wearing a controller or standing on a yoga sensor. One could get some weight off by playing this game.


This lovely game is perfect for animal lovers. It opens up a magical path for you to develop friendship with animals. You can teach your Kinect pets different commands, play with them and explore the wonderland together with them.

The Revolutionary Game

Xbox 360 Kinect is a revolutionary game which opens up a new page in video game. Try this controller-free game and enjoy it with your family and friends! 

Your Comments on Xbox 360 Kinect?

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