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Buy a Themed Cardboard Cupcake Stand - Great for Birthdays

Updated on July 14, 2011

Cardboard Cupcake Stands for Kids Birthdays

Cupcakes are great for kids birthdays, as they are for any occasion. You can do all the blowing out of candles with none of the mess of cutting the cake or arguments about who gets the bit with the most icing on it.

But what do you use to display them? You could just lay them on a table but really you want something a bit more 'party' than that ~ though without the expenses of shelling out for a professional cupcake stand.

The answer lies in the disposable cardboard cupcake stand, which can be used once or a few times before being recycled.

There are some great themed cardboard cupcake stands on the market, but if there isn't one available for your child's theme don't panic. All you need to do is buy  plain cupcake stand, get creative and decorate it yourself ~or get your kids to do it.

Cardboard Cupcake Stands for Girls

 If there is one thing that never goes out of fashion when it comes to girls it's princesses ~  closely followed by fairies.

So why not add the ultimate touch to your next princess party and have a princess cupcake stand, all pink and pretty to put your birthday cupcakes on.

Or if it's a fairy theme then a fabulous fairy cupcake is just the thing to bring a bit of magic (via fairy dust of course) to the birthday party.


Cardboard Cupcake Stands for Boys

 Cupcakes are definitely not purely for girls as these Spiderman and Sports themed cupcake stands show.

Any spiderman fan will be delighted with blue, red and black design of this spiderman cupcake stand ~ and if you do themed cupcakes as well this would go down as the best party ever.

For the not so spiderman mad, there is great colourful sports cupcake stand with a fabulous 'All Star' star on top just to make your little one feel extra special. Take the theme one step further and decorate your cupcakes with footballs and baseballs for a real sports theme.

Other Disposable Cupcake Stand Options

Mickey Mouse is an eternal favourite, especially of youngsters, and this brightly coloured, character covered wilton cupcake stand will be no exception.

The baby feet one is perfect for 1st birthdays or christenings, or for those in a creative frame of mind the plain silver or white versions are just crying out to be decorated.

The white could be coloured in, or have stickers put all over it, white the silver would look great simply decorated with some paper flowers and draped with curling ribbon ~ making it pretty enough to go way beyond kids birthdays and be suitable for much more grown up occasions such as engagement parties.

Use of Cardboard Cupcake Stands

 As these are made from cardboard they are not as durable as plastic or acrylic ones ~ and neither should they be expected.

Always fill your stand with cupcakes from the bottom tier and this gives stability ~ and empty the stand from the top tier.

Assemble and fill the stand at the display point and do not move the stand when full of cupcakes (which applies to any sort of cupcake stand).

Follow these guidelines and your stand should do exactly what you want it to do, which is display your cupcakes beautifully.


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