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Valentine Gifts To Buy For Your Man

Updated on December 12, 2015

What To Buy For The Guy Who Has Everything

How do you find unusual gifts for men who have everything? So he already has cuff links with his initials on, ties galore and all the sports equipment he will ever need. Out of ideas? Here a few to get you started:

1/ Gadgets

It is a fact that all men love gadgets. There must be one he hasn’t got.

If he plays golf then you may want to consider one of the many tools and gadgets to improve his game such as a golf ball monogrammer, a multi tool or a digital golf distance finder.

A digital photo frame with inbuilt clock, with photos loaded of you of course!

iPod or iPhone accessories of which there are new ones coming out every week.

2/ Gift basket

Yes men appreciate gift baskets too. Try filling it with some of his favorite beers or a selection of beers from around the world.

If he is a whiskey drinker then some mini bottles of different whiskeys and a nice glass is perfect.

If your man likes the finer things in life then what better gift basket ideas could you have than one filled with luxury chocolates, cookies, a selection of cheeses and crackers and a bottle each of red wine and white wine. All finished off with a couple of glasses, cloth napkins and a bottle opener. The best thing about this one is you will probably get to share it too!

3/ Romantic gifts

What could be more romantic for the guy who has everything than to be treated to a surprise balloon ride for two?!

An aromatherapy gift set, in manly scents of course.

A cute teddy bear ( a man can never have enough of these!!)

A heart shaped hot water bottle for those cosy nights under the quilt.

A home cooked dinner for two with a bottle of red wine.

A luxurious robe and pyjama set.

4/ Toiletries

Even men appreciate a little variety in their toiletries. A nice matching set of shampoo, body wash, shaving gel and aftershave is always a nice gift.

To vary it, consider an organic set, a set centered on his favorite brand name aftershave or a fun set.

A posh shaving set with pure bristle brush and razor, including a favorite scent.

So you can see with a little thought you can find a great gift for the man who seemingly has everything. There is always something that he needs or would like.


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